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Embrace the cloud

Private Cloud Solutions

Cloud usage is proliferating. More and more organizations are using the cloud for data storage, collaboration, or simply to get work done quickly and efficiently.


This creates a problem for IT, though: how to track and manage the clouds used by IT and other departments in the organization and ensure the security and confidentiality of data while being responsive to user and business needs. Orange Business Services can help you:

  • Embrace the cloud by providing cloud solutions appropriate for your needs
  • Manage and govern the different clouds that exist in your organization, be they private, public or hybrid
  • Optimize the use of clouds by balancing workloads and enforcing security requirements across your entire cloud infrastructure

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Jumping from cloud to cloud
Jumping from cloud to cloud – combining ease, efficiency and lower cost
Cloud computing is helping deliver an enhanced customer experience alongside greater efficiency and cost savings – but in a complex environment, how does your IT department ensure these outcomes? It’s by knowing how to "jump" from one type of cloud to another. Read the blog >
Hybrid IT – the next evolution of hybrid cloud
Hybrid cloud is effectively becoming a subset of hybrid IT. The increasing demands of today’s hybrid workloads requires us to go beyond automating the provisioning and management of infrastructure solutions and clouds to providing best of breed IT applications that run on a catalog-based, standardized infrastructure. Read more in this blog >
Making the most of cloud


Our cloud solutions



Private Cloud

for secure, private and reliable computing
Orange Private Cloud solutions can be hosted on your premises, in Orange data centers, or a combination of both. A self-service portal lets you access a comprehensive and flexible service catalog for different managed services, from IaaS to SaaS.
We also offer a cost-effective Virtual Private Cloud solution with Flexible Computing Advanced, where you can:
- Easily manage and provision your Virtual Data Center in a multi-tenanted environment
- Scale your IT resources up or down according to your changing business needs
- Pay only for what you need
Flexible Computing Advanced is delivered through Tier 3+ Data Centers. In APAC, these are located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney




  • Lower IT costs
  • OPEX billing model
  • Delivery automation and industrialization
  • Unified management of the cloud ecosystem and traditional IT hosting



What we do


  • Provide the technical design
  • Implement the solution
  • Operate the service
  • Supply and manage the service in line with ITIL® practices


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Hybrid Cloud

for the ease and agility of a public cloud with the assurance of a private cloud
Do you want the best of private and public clouds but are daunted by the complications of managing a hybrid?
Would you like to include and manage your business units’ own public clouds as part of your organization’s total cloud infrastructure?
Hybrid Cloud Management solutions from Orange Business Services enable you to:
- Reduce the complexity of managing your hybrid cloud
- Easily move workloads between different clouds, whether public or private
- Optimize cloud usage and costs
- Comply with security and corporate policy requirements




  • Seamless integration of public cloud usage with your corporate private cloud
  • Control over critical data while taking advantage of the public cloud
  • Rapid deployment of resources and projects using the appropriate cloud platform
  • Better performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Security and policy compliance



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Powered by Intel

Expect more from a cloud built on Intel® cloud technology

For the power and performance to fuel your best business ideas, look for cloud services built on the latest Intel® Cloud Technology.
Intel Cloud Technology is designed into the latest Intel Xeon® processor-based platforms to deliver record-breaking performance and reliability that can handle data-demanding and transaction-intensive applications, including advanced analytics, seasonal bursting, marketing campaigns, and other business-critical services.


Learn more

To learn more about why underlying infrastructure powering your cloud services matters and impacts your application performance and operating costs, watch the Intel Cloud Technology overview.

If you would like to know more about how processor technologies can accelerate your workloads to save you time and money, watch the Improving Cloud Performance with Intel Cloud Technology video.



Private Cloud flexibility and security is transforming space exploration for the European Space Agency.

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A UCC solution from Orange has enabled Zumtobel to increase its productivity, simplify management and cut costs.

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Breaking Through the Barriers to Cloud Adoption

IT transformation is being held back by data privacy, regulatory compliance, time, resources and cultural resistance.

Discover the measures IT decision-makers can take to overcome these hurdles and transform IT into the partner that powers business growth.

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Private Cloud Solutions

Turn IT into a growth accelerator for your business with Private Cloud Solutions from Orange Business Services.

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Breaking Free

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that its on-demand nature is invaluable in driving innovation.

In our downloadable e-book, discover how innovative initiatives delivered on cloud-based infrastuctures are repositioning IT as a responsive and agile business partner focused on business growth.

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Flexible Computing Advanced

Manage your infrastructure more simply with Orange Business Services.

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