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Next-generation public service delivery

Transform business processes and launch new online services with our comprehensive end-to-end eGovernment solutions. Using a consultative approach, we develop and operate services for all types of public sector agencies.

The public sector faces tough challenges in an age of austerity. Demanding, technologically-proficient stakeholders have increasingly high service expectations that you need to meet with reduced budgets.

How can eGovernment help? First, it can transform and automate business processes to make operations more efficient. Second, it provides brand new services to citizens, such as secure online services on all kinds of devices. And third, it gives workers the tools to be more efficient in their day-to-day activities.

As a result, you can deliver a higher level of service to your stakeholders, while reducing operating costs. That represents a strong return on investment for public institutions.

Two decades of experience

We have extensive experience gained over two decades of providing eGovernment services to the French government, European institutions and worldwide bodies, like Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

These range from modernizing processes, installing secure and robust connectivity, providing secure cloud computing and running online services to deploying open data strategies. We’ve done this across all categories of public businesses, from taxation and defense to employment and health.

In addition, we’re helping transform the administrations of governments in high-growth markets, including automating manual processes with information systems and developing online services on popular channels, such as mobile.

Consultative approach

Using a consultative approach, we identify how eGovernment can meet your specific challenges. We develop end-to-end solutions that cover the full service lifecycle from development to deployment, hosting, support and maintenance. With our multichannel focus, we support public service delivery over a wide range of media, including online, mobile, telephone and IVR.

In addition, we put the tools in your workers’ hands that will help them become more efficient. These range from integrated geo-localized camera phones for road maintenance crews to secure diplomatic connectivity for traveling ministers.

Benefits of our eGovernment services

Our eGovernment services help you provide better public services at a lower cost and empower your workers.

  • benefit from our expert consultancy for process transformation and custom online service deployment
  • transform, integrate and automate processes to make operations more efficient
  • improve service delivery to citizens with online public services over multiple channels
  • empower your workers with tools that can help them do their jobs more efficiently
  • deliver services anywhere in the world with our high-speed secure IP connectivity
  • revolutionize your processes for supporting your citizens with unified communications and contact center services
  • enjoy rapid return on investment with infrastructure as a service via a customized cloud computing infrastructure
convergence paves stellar information highway for European Space Agency
convergence paves stellar information highway for European Space Agency
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