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resolve customer queries at the first contact by improving agent efficiency


To provide an outstanding customer experience, your agents must have the right tools and all customers’ background information so they are better able to answer questions quickly, at first contact, whatever the media.

With our contact center solutions, they'll benefit from enhanced tools to resolve contacts more efficiently and meet your customers’ expectations. In addition, we can easily integrate our solutions with your existing CRM platform (MS Dynamics, SAP, Salesforce) to make that information easily accessible to agents through the desktop interface.

It is also essential to analyze your contact center activity to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction. By using speech and text analytics, you'll benefit from valuable business insights to optimize internal organizations and improve customer experience. These analytics will help you understand why customers are contacting you plus, in the case of a product launch, sales promotion or growing dissatisfaction, you'll be able to understand why and adapt your actions accordingly.

Workforce Optimization tools are advanced technologies that bring together the right people with the right skills and information. Voice recording, quality monitoring, workforce management and speech/text analytics can be easily added to our contact center solutions, so you can benefit from market-leading providers, such as Nice and Verint.


set up a call center - need a hand video

Flexible Contact Center, a new-generation call center accessible to everyone, is fast to set up and, above all, very easy to use. Now, thanks to the cloud, any company with an international presence can benefit from an effective call center, allowing calls to be redirected to the most competent agents available, wherever they are located.

To make it even more efficient, you can connect your call center to your CRM tool so your agents can easily access customer information. And a flexible range of offers means you get exactly what you need, ensuring minimum investment.



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+95% first contact resolution by providing a seamless multimedia customer experience.






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