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Digital workspace
Digital workspace
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Digital workspace

Our approach

Orange drives digital business


Our approach


Build your ideal working environment

How much time does your team spend working in the office? Compare this to how long they are in meetings, traveling and at clients' premises.

Digital workspaces generate value to your business through effective teamwork, by simplifying processes and reducing costs. The digital workspace must adapt to each person to improve both their productivity and the quality of their working experience.

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Your needs

Your needs


Human resources

Promote new ways of working
Attract and retain talent
Bring your teams together and help them collaborate wherever they are


Provide the right digital tools, fully customized to suit all roles in your organization
Assure security and consistency for your IT systems
Improve user experience


Facilitate collaboration across the entire organization
Make the life of your sales people easy, efficient and mobile
Share your CRM and customer data across all departments


Put the customer at the heart of your business
Know more about your customers
Reduce time to market
Collaborate with all your teams and partners, wherever
they are


Learn more

Learn more


Forrester report

Define business value in collaboration

How do you measure the value of collaboration? Which areas of your business will benefit most? How can you derive and measure the benefits?

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What Role for HR in 2020-2025?

What Role for HR in 2020-2025?

Understand the societal, economic and technological trends that will transform the Human Resources function over the decades to come.

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The digital workspace changes the relations with the customer

The digital workspace changes customer relations

Digitizing your salespersons' workspace radically changes and improves the sales process, however it's a major challenge to instigate.

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Our products

Our products
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