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Collaborative workspace
Collaborative workspace
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Collaborative workspace

Bolster collaboration by digitally transforming your business


Collaborative work solutions improve your teams’ collective performance and knowledge by facilitating teamwork. Regardless of where you work, collaboration helps individuals form strong working ties and encourages employee engagement. It improves the efficiency and productivity of your teams, which in turn boosts your company’s growth. Collaborative work solutions help you share and capitalize on the knowledge and expertise vital to your company.


Will communications be virtual tomorrow?

Agility has empowered employees: they work from anywhere, with any tool, downloading their own applications. How can unified communications (UC) help companies keep control and manage their collaboration solutions to improve efficiency all around the world?

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Improve productivity by unleashing your teams’ potential

Incorporate new collaborative working tools into your business processes

A single intuitive interface allows you to incorporate communication and collaboration into your company’s processes in real time. It simplifies your employees' work and optimizes their efficiency and performance.

Improve collaboration within your business with innovative working methods

Interaction is a natural part of organizations, which are first and foremost made up of women and men. Corporate social networks encourage individuals to share their knowledge, ideas and plans. It makes it easier for your employees to access the information they need to complete their tasks.

Redesign your tools and work spaces to enhance the energy of your teams

Integrating new collaborative work tools and devices into your business will allow you to improve the management of your workspaces by fully incorporating social aspects.

Optimize the management of your collaborative work methods

Cost predictability, the agility of the solution and the management method are all key factors to be considered when choosing the right collaborative tools for your business.


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Business Together Sharespace, your collaborative social intranet

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Workspaces that improve collaboration

[Video]  See how Orange transformed its own office space for more efficient and flexible collaboration.


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Employee collaboration is business fuel. Ignite it.


What are the 6 essentials of a great employee collaboration experience?

[eBook] A properly integrated collaboration environment will help employees mobilize around the company's objectives.


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