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Cloud explained to

Turn your IT department into a value generator
Cloud computing can help your IT department to support the business more effectively. It allows you to have just the right mix of IT infrastructure to support your current business effectively and meet any peaks in demand. The IT department is then free to create strategic value.

Is your IT infrastructure supporting the business effectively? Does it create value or is it primarily a cost center? Consider the cost of owning your IT servers and hosting them on your premises, particularly when you need an infrastructure that can cope with temporary peaks or future growth. These demands drive up the expenditure on IT and reduce it to a cost center.


achieving cost savings


Cloud computing can offer significant cost savings in three main areas. The first is savings made in infrastructure and maintenance, as there is no longer any need to buy or manage servers. The second is through support and management, because your cloud provider will provide IT support and manage the application lifecycle ensuring that all users get up-to-date features and security.

And, since cloud computing allows you to switch to an operating expenses-focused model, you’ll save there as well: you pay per use with no upfront investment. Computing power, storage and bandwidth are not over-provisioned, because you can buy exactly what you need, when you need it.

Cloud Computing Insights
Cloud Computing Insights

tools for your talent


Cloud is the convergence of three worlds: consumers, business and technology. The rise of mobility, social networking and mobile devices has set the expectations of your employees at a new level. Your IT department must respond to nurture the talent your organization will rely on in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, cloud computing frees up your IT organization from the administrative requirement to host and manage infrastructure. This allows them to create value by focusing on strategic innovations and supporting the business.

benefits of cloud computing to the CEO


  • infrastructure: no need to buy and manage servers
  • maintenance: put your cloud provider in charge of IT support and application lifecycle management
  • pay per use: eliminate capex spending with on-demand services
  • IT department: transform from cost center into value provider
  • reach and flexibility of cloud: open up new business models and opportunities
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