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Belgium Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs

Belgium Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs
Belgium Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs
Secure global network with lower TCO



  • The Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs (FPS) represents Belgium internationally and provides services to its people and visitors
  • legacy frame relay WAN not fit for purpose
  • need for permanent availability of global network with secure routing and archiving
  • fully managed global IP VPN
  • standardized, optimized and converged WAN (voice, video, data) network, NATO/EU secured compliance
  • reduced costs and TCO and secure data transmission
  • simple, flexible solution – increased capacity, extended geographical reach, single global provider
  • first time deployment to 140 sites in just six months


This award is truly deserved. It represents another confirmation that the public tender award to Orange was based on the right criteria. Since it takes two to tango, I also consider it a recognition for the way the project was run on our side and a fine example of how a wellmanaged project quickly turns into a win-win situation for both parties.
Jorg Leenaards,ICT Director – CIO,Belgium Federal Public Service

issues and challenges


In Belgium, each main area of Government is called a Federal Public Service or FPS. The Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs is a network of approximately 140 Embassies, Consulates and Representations abroad with over 3,000 personnel. Its mission covers five main areas: a pivotal role in Belgian policy on the international stage; defender of Belgian interests; services for Belgians abroad and foreigners in Belgium; building block for a stable, peaceful world; Open House.

Open House underpins everything, and the FPS works hard to ensure good communication and consultation across its geographically dispersed teams and with governments and organizations around the world.

A strategic review identified that the FPS had a legacy frame relay WAN that was no longer fit for purpose. It had a non-standardized network infrastructure with complex SLAs that was unable to support this global Government department. Internally, the FPS did not have the staff, the time or the expertise to address these issues, and it faced budget restrictions on new investment.

The FPS needs permanent high availability of a global network with secure routing to end users and secure data storage/archiving. Of critical importance to the FPS was to find a global provider with the implementation and project management expertise to work in unusual conditions in a huge variety of locations around the world and meet demanding time constraints.


  • Network
  • Security
costs and TCO
sites implemented in 100 countries in only six months
fully tested
complex deployment with no disruption to end users
meets NATO/EU
network compliance regulations
capacity and security with extended geographical reach
average site availability SLA (January 2010 – August 2012)
end-user satisfaction levels for the project
Picto cible
the objective

deployment of a secure, standardized and seamless global network that is highly reliable and delivers a lower TCO

the Orange Business Services solution


  • fully managed global IP VPN utilizing mix of terrestrial and satellite links – 100 countries
  • optimized, converged WAN (voice, video, data) network with primary line and secondary line (for offloading of non-critical traffic and back-up)
  • advanced services: firewalls, routers, encryption, WAN optimization and managed voice
  • ITIL-based 24x7 trilingual service desk
  • secure, NATO and EU compliant network
  • program and service management



the benefits


Utilizing the Orange Business Services global IP VPN and the company’s extensive implementation and project management expertise enabled this complex project to be delivered on time and on budget.

significant cost savings

  • controlled network management costs
  • single global provider


simple, flexible solution

  • customized operational management processes
  • increased and adjustable capacity
  • ability to define and provide other applications in short timeframes

increased security

  • encrypted data transmission
  • global and guaranteed intervention timings


Belgium Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs
A complex mix of terrestrial and satellite links at 140 sites in 100 countries, along with an optimized WAN, high security and a trilingual service desk was implemented for the Belgium FPS in only six months. The simple, flexible solution is bringing cost savings and increased capacity and security.
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