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Helping air transport with technology

The air transport industry is facing many challenges – fluctuating economics, fuel prices and more demanding customers. Technology, like wireless networks/devices, the cloud and unified communications, can provide a vital edge in this competitive sector.

How do you manage this industry change while ensuring quality of service throughout the customer engagement? Air passengers  today expect so much more. They want real-time information at their fingertips, the ability to make real-time amendments to bookings, a tailored service offering based on their preferences and travel history, and more.

You need to work hard to stay ahead of the game. Being able to offer personal, customized self services to passengers with which they can search, book and manage trips – with extras like car rental, hotel bookings, airport shopping and in-flight entertainment – can give you a significant competitive advantage.

engage with the next-generation traveler

Next-generation technology and communications tools can help you engage more closely with travelers. Mobile workforce initiatives using smartphones and tablet computers can make operations leaner and more agile, and able to deliver enhanced customer experience. Cloud computing and unified communications technology allow ground-based employees to securely access high-performance applications and communications services at any location.

In addition to check-in and boarding, almost 90 percent of airlines are set to have flight search, ticket purchase, flight status, ancillary services, customer complaint handling and missing baggage management available via mobile by 2015. Now is the time to implement the mobile technology and tools that you need to stay competitive and successful.

powering fundamental ATI change

With our partner SITA, we can help you embrace the latest technologies and implement mobile workforce policies. We provide all the necessary solutions, including:

  • local and wide area network solutions, including managed LAN, IP VPN, Ethernet and DSL access to IP VPN
  • global, secure, reliable data communications: delivering 100 percent uptime
  • WAN optimization plus legacy network migration
  • voice solutions, from IP telephony to management of legacy voice services
  • multimedia contact center solutions
  • unified communications: messaging, instant messaging, telephony and web/videoconferencing
  • mobile workforce solutions for professional-grade connectivity and roaming


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