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Unleash power in your enterprise with social collaboration

Business Together Sharespace

Bring social media capabilities to the corporate world


Enterprise Social Network:

  • Connects individuals in one collaborative platform
  • Can be used internally within an organization or externally with partners and customers
  • Has no client to install on your device. It can be accessed from anywhere using any device
  • Integrates with your current communications and collaboration solution to form a collaboration hub
  • Has options for voice, video and web conferencing services in addition to the social media capabilities

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Boost collaboration with enterprise social networks

Today's workforce is quite familiar with the powers that social media brings to their everyday collaborative activities, so it's quite natural for Enterprise Social Network to become the next-step collaboration tool for enterprises of all sizes.
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Enterprise Social Networks – Business readiness in 3 easy steps

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Are enterprise social networks an email killer?

While conventional corporate communication and collaboration tools have advanced greatly in recent times, they do have their weak points and faults. So is there an alternative or new way forward for enterprise-level communications?
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Is your Enterprise Social Network part of your corporate digital workplace?

Bringing your Enterprise Social Network within your digital workplace strategy is the key to success for user adoption and maximizing business results. Read these tips before launching a new workplace.

How do you involve your executives in your corporate social platform?

Twenty-two percent of corporate social platforms don't take off because of a true lack of support at the right management level. You can’t force your executives to use your tools, but you can use some tricks to easily engage them. Discover how…



Trends and drivers


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Our solutions


Business Together Sharespace

A fully customizable social collaboration hub that is readily available anytime, anywhere, using any device

Business Together Sharespace

Social collaboration power in your enterprise

  • Business Together Sharespace is a secure hosted and fully managed collaboration service where customers, employees and partners can connect securely with their customers, employees and partners enabling them to communicate, collaborate and innovate to achieve successful business outcomes
  • Customers can subscribe to the service for an annual subscription-based license fee. The investment will help reduce operational costs, improve operational excellence and grow revenue

Why choose Business Together Sharespace?

  • Unites people, conversations and information
  • Provides a single point of access to connect, collaborate and communicate
  • Finds answers instantly and in real time
  • Creates a searchable record of knowledge, accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Liberates communication: executives can reach out to employees in blogs and videos – and measure their reach with personal Impact Metrics
  • Integrates with your essential apps and systems and runs on desktops, smartphones and tablets

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Sharespace explained in one short video

Discover in this two-minute video how people can better work together through our collaboration platform.



Revised 17 Oct 2016



Why Business Together Sharespace?

In this video, we will introduce some use cases and examples which can be implemented with Business Together Sharespace.


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