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Digital transformation
Your partner for digital transformation
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Digital transformation

Your partner

Your partner for digital transformation

Digital transformation puts the customer experience at the heart of everything an enterprise does. It enables employees to better anticipate customers’ emerging needs, work collaboratively to deliver more innovative products and services and drive sustained business growth. As a telco and IT integrator, Orange Business Services has the expertise and solutions to enable you to better understand, attract, serve and retain customers in new digital ways.

Human centered digital transformation

We help businesses create digital experiences that are intuitive, productive and frictionless for employees, partners and customers. Our transformation programmes encompass people, processes, training, culture and leadership.

Digital transformation is a journey not a destination. It’s a moving target that requires total adaptability. Whether you are leader, follower or late adopter, we can help you become a more agile, customer-centric digital business.


Digitally transform your entire business


Digitally transform your entire business

Enterprises need to digitalize their internal work practices and external relationships with customers. We support “digital inside” and “digital outside” initiatives with range of solutions and services.

Digital inside: improve employee effectiveness

Empower employees and partners to work together effectively, no matter where they are. Our digital tools improve access to customer insights and knowledge held by individuals in a diversity of business functions and externally.

Digital outside: delivering new services and building new relationships

Digitally transform relationships with customers by creating new interactions to strengthen satisfaction and loyalty. Use big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to identify new requirements and deliver new services to meet them. You can even use digital tools to create completely new business models and open up new markets.

Digital foundations: create secure, high-speed digital experiences

Achieve the flexibility and agility to react to ever-changing customer needs with cloud computing. Ensure employees enjoy the secure, high speed application experiences they need to be productive while safeguarding customer and commercial data and controlling costs. Apply consistent, security policies across mobile and fixed networks, including public Internet and private lines. Our 1,500 security experts deliver the multi-layered security that essential for digital transformation – from the infrastructure right to the end user.


What makes us different?


What makes us different?

We are a network operator, systems integrator, over-the-top (OTT) service provider, tech vendor and consultant. This varied background gives us a holistic view of digital transformation and enables us to provide the ideal solution to suit you. We have deep domain knowledge in a diversity of vertical industries and the people, technology and infrastructure to help you meet your digital business goals. This includes key cloud, mobile, social, IoT (Internet of Things), big data and cybersecurity technologies.



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