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Digital transformation
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Digital transformation

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From inspiration to transformation. Together

Make collaboration effortless. Accelerate innovation. Deliver more rewarding customer interactions. Whatever your business ambition, Orange Business Services will work with you to bring it to life, starting with scalable, centrally managed, update-it-in-minutes connectivity.

Scroll down to explore the elements of an effective transformation. And see how our worldwide experts, best-of-breed partners and open-source integration help make your digital business transformation both effective and affordable.

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Digitally transform your entire business

Digital Inside for your teams: improve employee effectiveness

  • Empower employees and partners to work together effectively – anywhere, anytime, on multiple devices
  • Improve access to customer insights and knowledge held by people across the business
  • Make people more productive with more efficient workflows


Digital Outside for your customers: deliver new services and build new relationships

  • Build omni-channel customer experiences
  • Deepen customer relationships
  • Design new digital services and solutions
  • Create new business models and open up new markets



Digital enablers for your projects: create secure, high-speed digital experiences

  • Ensure secure, high-speed application experiences
  • Increase the flexibility and agility of your network or datacenters
  • Control costs
  • Apply consistent security policies across mobile, fixed, public and private networks



What makes us different

Our global, human-centric approach

We’re a truly global network operator, systems integrator, over-the-top (OTT) service provider, tech vendor and consultant.

We have deep technological expertise in cloud, mobile, social, IoT (Internet of Things), big data and cybersecurity – plus extensive experience in every key industry.

And with our uniquely consultative, carefully roadmapped approach, we can ensure your digital transformation will meet your unique requirements, in the most effective way.

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