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Transforming your communication and collaboration services with Microsoft Skype for Business

Transformation of your communication and collaboration services to a full Skype for Business enterprise service on a global scale can be a complex task. With careful long-term planning and following the six steps recommended in this how-to guide, you will be able to deploy Skype for Business successfully on a global scale.
Transformation with Skype for Business

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Unified communications sourcing: make the right choice

Although the cloud has shaken up the unified communications market, it isn’t necessarily the right choice for all companies. There are many different ways of procuring unified communications, and the best choice will depend on your organization’s requirements.
On-premise, managed service, cloud or hybrid? Several factors are important to consider, when you decide what sourcing approach works best for your company. Take a closer look at them and hear our view about the different reasons for choosing each sourcing option for Microsoft Lync in this how-to sourcing guide.
Unified communications sourcing



Working in harmony

Delivering on the promise of
Microsoft Skype for Business
with a holistic approach to deployment and
infrastructure management

Skype for Business connects people in real time with the Skype experience they love from the Office applications they use every day

Enable better collaboration, security and productivity, wherever you do business. With user profiles that can include IM, audio/web/video conferencing and enterprise telephony, you can bring the right people into conversations quickly and improve the speed of decision making. Even when working remotely, you’ll have the same interactive experience no matter which devices you’re using.
Orange was selected by Microsoft as a Skype for Business Elite launch partner for our solid experience and support structure. Our fully managed, end-to-end solution is available on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid model according to your needs. It includes a service catalog with supported vendor technologies that are ITIL® based and backed by SLAs for high application availability, voice and video worldwide.
Besides being a global communications service provider, we’re also a leading systems integrator. That means we’re your single point of contact for deploying and maintaining both the equipment and the software you need.
1. Best-in-class equipment
Orange is your single point of contact for procuring, deploying and maintaining all the equipment you need globally to operate your Skype for Business service:
  • Survivable brand appliances, session border controllers and voice gateways
  • IP phones and headsets from leading vendors
  • Videoconferencing systems
  • Attendant console, call accounting, voice recording and more


2. Azure ExpressRoute with Orange

  • Take advantage of calling services from Orange worldwide with on-premise connection to a cloud PBX
  • Subscribe to PSTN calling plans from Office 365 and use existing phone numbers or get new ones
  • Deliver secure, high-quality voice and video traffic across the globe using Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365


3. Skype across devices

  • Get input without leaving your document. Thanks to Skype in-app integration, you can IM, screen share, talk or video chat right in your documents
  • Connect to your team anywhere with Skype for Business mobile apps across Windows, Android and iOS
  • Easily bring remote participants into meeting spaces of all sizes with Skype for Business Room Systems and Surface Hub


4. Complete meeting solution

  • Work like you are all in one room, even when you’re not. Skype meetings offer HD video, desktop sharing, coauthoring, presentations and more
  • Use any phone to join a Skype meeting with dial-in and dial-out PSTN conferencing
  • Reach thousands for very large meetings with Skype Meeting Broadcast

Read our ebook to find out more about the six steps to take to improve end-user experience in Microsoft Skype for Business.


Make the case for Skype for Business and find tangible savings

Are you looking to reduce spending across your IT estate? We can help you build a robust business case and ensure that migrating to Microsoft Skype for Business delivers tangible savings.
For a clear picture, the business case needs to measure all elements involved in the project, including transition costs, consultancy, conferencing costs, voice and SIP trunking costs, mobile calls, PBX maintenance, service management and required network upgrades.
See how to optimize your savings in this how-to guide and learn more about building the case for Microsoft Skype for Business.




Deploying Skype for Business globally

Are you looking to save money while performing the same amount of tasks? Real-time collaboration is a way of achieving this by giving alternatives that bring efficiency and productivity. In broad terms, you have the choice to do it yourself and engage with multiple local providers, where needed, or to work with a global provider. It often comes down to a question of time, money and skills. Not only for the integration and deployment but also for the run phase. Either way, preparation is key to avoid the global pitfalls.

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Talk with the experts

What are the key points to consider if you come from a set-up with multiple, local vendors, different technologies and legal issues across your company locations? Is your network ready for it? What if you want to take full advantage of voice functionality? Secure a high user adoption rate? Or maximize the value of your Skype for Business solution?

Tap into the experts’ thoughts and lessons learned...



Learn from your peers

No two companies are alike. But we still think there’s a lot of inspiration waiting to be picked up by studying other companies and their approaches to Microsoft Skype for Business. What were their challenges and issues at the outset? How did they choose to solve them? And what did they achieve?

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Right partners, right approach

Integrating, deploying and managing Skype for Business at the enterprise level across the globe can be a complex task. It requires skills and expertise you may not have in-house, and it's important to select the right partner. We would argue that it requires an ability to be global, local and "glocal" – to have processes and skills centrally to help you define your UC solution, and to join up distributed operations and teams to implement it locally across all types of sites. Orange has the capability to deploy Skype for Business in 160 countries worldwide. We are a Microsoft Skype for Business Gold partner and have a proven track record.
Orange is one of very few companies worldwide selected by Microsoft as a Skype for Business Elite launch partner. We are ready to deploy Skype for Business on a global scale.

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Orange: experts in the global deployment and management of Skype for Business

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