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Web Protection Suite

In-the-cloud infrastructure providing web access protection to guard against complex malware & malicious attacks.

Orange Business Services


Web Protection Suite powered by Zscaler allows to immediately implement web boundary protection that deals with all the daily issues of web filtering and viruses, while vastly reducing the load on internal resources, hardware, software, and bandwidth. Orange’s Web Protection Service service is a cloud based solution which will be used for all your sites and employees, thus providing a uniform solution for your entire company, regardless of how the different sites are connected to your global network.


high-performance web experience for all users
The Web Protection Suite architecture ensures a fast, seamless, secure web experience for all users. Built using globally distributed data centers, parallel processing, multiple high-speed network providers and extensive redundancy.

centralized and simplified management
Web Protection Suite has a web-based centralized administration and reporting console, providing a safe and secure environment for the customer administrator to control, manage, and administer the customer-defined security policies. It features real-time reporting of blocked malware and real-time policy enforcement. Web security trends and data can be viewed through at-a-glance graphical displays and detailed forensic audits.

what it does

need to protect your network?
Web malware scanning and spyware screening pro actively blocks web malware at the Internet level to protect against zero-hour threats, before they infiltrate your company network and infect user PCs, laptops, and business systems.

want to protect users outside the company?
Web Protection Suite provides perimeter-less security by enforcing the security policy whether the end use is inside or outside the corporate network.

want to eliminate downtime?
Thanks to web malware scanning, updates and patching are reduced, so downtime and remediation of infected desktops are eliminated.

are productivity and confidentiality a priority?
Web filtering improves staff productivity by limiting time spent on non-business related surfing and ensures confidentiality by masking user details when they access sites that collect information.

need a global web security policy?
Via an intuitive web portal, you may implement a global web usage policy for your whole organization; or you can create and enforce different access policies based on URL categories, content types, file types, and quotas to suit different areas of your organization. The Web filtering service includes streamlined configuration through a graphical dashboard, real-time rules-based filters, and a best-in-class URL database.

how it works

architecture overview
The Web Protection Suite (WPS) service powered by Zscaler provides best of breed URL filtering and malware protection. A multi-tenant, globally-‐deployed infrastructure with 40+ data centers, WPS enforces business policy for web traffic, mitigates risk and provides twice the functionality at a fraction of the cost of current solutions. It enables organizations to provide the right access to the right users, from any place and on any device.


Connectivity to our partner's data centers is multi-homed to supply "always available" bandwidth. These data centers utilize 10Gb feeds to provide fast and scalable connectivity. By operating multiple data centers with load-balanced server farms utilizing state-of-the-art blade technology, we ensure scalability for the very largest enterprises.

Web Protection Suite is available worldwide except where there maybe restrictions on Web usage, e.g. China.

your benefits

Lower TCO
Move to a per user pricing; no CAPEX, only OPEX; effect of shared services at a global scale; need to pay attention to options and bandwidth fees that can raise up the costs.

No appliance sizing; leverage cloud “infinite” capacity, but initial capacity planning and performance monitoring are still required

Cloud infrastructure is highly available. Need to consider as well other topics as part of the global picture like Internet breakouts, pac file failover mechanisms, browser used, etc.

Agile deployment
No appliance to deploy; Opportunity for local breakout strategy Central management with policies on a per location basis

"Road warriors"
Opportunity to protect “offnet” users with ad-hoc policies Opportunity to offload corporate VPN access

Ability to handle new threats vector (mobile devices & apps)

Gap free security
Security efficiency due to the (cloud) effect of shared services at a global scale
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