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Managed Contact Center Premium

Managed virtual IP contact center solution, enabling unified contact management worldwide.

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virtual contact center
The concept of a virtual contact center with its IP-based architecture allows your agents to operate from anywhere in the world from central or remote sites, even from home, and remain part of the agent pool. Your managers benefit from the rationalization of agent resources and are no longer obliged to overstaff each call center to ensure that each site is prepared to respond efficiently to a forecasted level of call traffic.
managed solution
With our experience in delivering and managing customer relationship solutions, including IP Telephony, Contact Center and Unified Communications, you can rely on a single source for maintenance and operations. Fully managed by Orange on your premises, our certified specialists will guide you with your deployment and assist with incident or change management..
scalable and flexible
Your business will have access to an extensive suite of interoperable features to achieve your company's objectives, such as new sites, a new helpdesk, or new communication channel.. Advanced features enable you to distribute incoming contacts dynamically through intelligent routing and qualification capabilities.
multi-channel communication
Managed Contact Center Premium supports multi-channel communications, including telephone, email or chat customer contact management, as well as outbound automated calls.

what it does

want to balance call loads?
Intelligent routing with Automatic Call Distribution technology provides skill-based routing for effective load-balancing across multiple call centers worldwide.
need to improve the efficiency of your contact centers?
Real-time information lets you measure and manage your contact center performance through a unified interface. You can spot problems and resolve them immediately and communicate in real time with your agents.
need historical and real-time information?
The Call Management System reporting and analytics tool enables your supervisors to measure the performance of your contact center teams across multiple sites and create real-time and historical reports. On a larger scale, it can help determine how your customers are being served and how efficiently calls are being managed.

how it works

unified IP contact center
Managed Contact Center Premium is based on a native IP infrastructure, allowing you to evolve with the latest technology according to your needs and the needs of your clients. You get a unified turn-key contact center and can migrate from traditional PSTN to IP telephony when you wish. Your agents have access, via a VPN or DSL connection, to a standardized interface on their PC to respond to customer contacts, whether by telephone, email or Internet. Inbound calls are received, qualified and then distributed according to the rules defined by your business. This solution is available with either Cisco or Avaya technology.
a contact center solution managed by Orange Business Services
Your sites are connected to the Managed Contact Center Premium fully managed by Orange. Our service platform integrated advanced functionality with automatic call distribution that allows you to unify your contact center equipment to one location and manage the routing and distribution of calls to your agents with the most appropriate qualifications. We assure a high availability of your contact center with SLAs and your traffic is completely secured, 24h/24 with server redundancy, physical site security and daily back-ups.

your benefits

deliver superior customer service with fewer resources
With Intelligent Automatic Call Distribution to a large pool of workers in a virtual contact center and workload balancing across multi-sites, you can improve the quality of service with fewer people on staff.
decrease call abandonment rates
With intelligent call routing, callers are connected to the right agent the first time, based on call type, agent skills or language. As a result, hold times are shorter and responses faster, decreasing the overall call abandonment rate and making the whole call process more efficient for everyone, callers and agents alike.
increase agent productivity
Through real-time and historical reports, contact center performance can be measured and managed in real time with information displayed directly on agent workstations for motivation.
reduce costs
By unifying your contact center operations, you will have one point of contact for maintenance and operations around the globe, so you can focus your resources on your core business. By virtualizing your global contact center infrastructure, you reduce server footprint and increase contact center flexibility and performance with minimum cost.
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