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Flexible Identity Authentication

Protect your company against password theft

Orange Business Services


Secure access to your corporate resources, replacing simple passwords by strengthened authentication.


Multi-factor authentication with the market Leader

Result of a strategic partnership between Orange and SafeNet/Gemalto, the market leader, Flexible Identity Authentication protects access to your internal resources and your cloud applications. Flexible Identity Authentication replaces the passwords of your users by One Time Password (OTP) authenticators, adapted to their profile: tokens hardware, software, SMS or GrIDsure.

Flexibility and simplicity of a cloud-based solution

Both easy to use and to manage, Flexible Identity Authentication suits your needs by allowing you to increase or decrease the number of users in real time. Your monthly bill is based on your use of the service and reflects these changes.

Your data highly secured

With its certified methodologies and architecture, with the full encryption of your data combined to the use of certified hardware security modules, with experts working 24/7, Flexible Identity Authentication implements very high level resources to ensure your data security.




  • Solution provided in less than a month
  • No infrastructure to install or buy
  • User registration and authenticator deployment fully automated
  • Makes life easier for users: their token and one PIN code to remember to access all resources protected by Flexible Identity Authentication


  • An administrator portal to manage your solution
  • Easy and immediate user addition/deletion
  • A user portal to manage his authenticators


  • User changes immediately taken into account
  • Usage-based billing, closest to your needs
  • Dashboard and reporting files


  • Architecture and methodologies tested and certified
  • Fully encrypted data
  • Use of hardware security modules tested and certified
  • 24/7 mobilized experts to operate and supervise your service


Trainings and advices to help you

We help you integrate Flexible Identity Authentication in your environment by advices during the implementation and by customized training sessions

High service commitments

  • 99.95% monthly service availability
  • Service activation in 20 business days
  • User and authenticator management in real time via the administration portal


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Flexible Identity Authentication authenticates your users with One Time Passwords (OTP), generated by the authenticator of the user and his PIN code.

A wide range of OTP authenticators, to meet each user requirements

  • Varied hardware tokens for frequent use, in keyfob format, credit card or others, that the user can keep in his pocket or wallet
  • Software tokens for easy and immediate deployment on computers, smartphones and tablets
  • SMS tokens for a less frequent use. The OTP is sent to the user's phone
  • GrIDsure to authenticate on web applications without any software installation on the user's equipment

These various authenticator types can be mixed within your company and your users can benefit from several authenticators according to their needs.

Simple and immediate user creation: 3 options available

  • Manual user creation via the administrator portal, if you have few users
  • Mass creation by importing csv files on the administrator portal
  • Synchronization between your corporate directory and Flexible Identity Authentication. Manage your users directly in your directory, addition/deletion are automatically transferred and taken into account by Flexible Identity Authentication

Authenticators deployment in a few minutes

  • For a software token: Flexible Identity Authentication sends an email to the user with the instructions to download and activate it
  • For a GrIDsure: an email is sent with the instructions to activate it
  • For an SMS token: immediately activated without the user intervention. The user will then receive the OTPs by SMS.

Hardware tokens must be previously ordered and distributed by your company to the users. Then the token activation follows the same principle: as soon as the user is created, Flexible Identity Authentication sends him an email with instructions to activate the token.

Flexible Identity Authentication works with most solutions:

  • VPN gateways: Juniper SA / MAG, Checkpoint VPN, Cisco ASA, Fortinet, etc.
  • Virtualization solutions: Citrix Access Gateway, VMWare View, etc.
  • On-site applications: Microsoft IIS, Outlook Web Access, etc.
  • Cloud applications: SalesForce, Google Apps, Office 365, etc.
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