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Customized Infrastructure Care

Lower your ICT costs by out-tasking service management to a world-class expert.

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full range of capabilities
Customized Infrastructure Care is our premier service management offer based on ITIL® best practices and ISO20000 certified support teams. It provides a full range of monitoring, control and support capabilities. We deliver a single comprehensive and consolidated interface to give you better visibility on your Orange, your own and/or third-party devices and converged communication infrastructures.

complex infrastructure management
You can radically simplify your service management, especially if you have an ICT solution made up of many types of devices from multiple third-party providers. Having an integrated and coherent service management offer in place for all services in your solution is time-and-cost-effective in terms of staffing and incident resolution. You can focus on what you do best and let Orange take care of the management of your ICT infrastructure.

best-in-class people, processes and tools
As an ideal combination of our people, processes and tools, Customized Infrastructure Care has been designed, deployed and delivered by experts: consultants, customer service managers, change managers and service desks are located in all regions. We apply global processes locally, based on ITIL® best practices and use the industry-leading ServiceNow® service management platform and customer portal.

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Customized Infrastructure Care includes:

  • service management consulting:
    • our consultants design the optimal service management solution for your unique environment
    • they can also help you to align business and IT goals and optimize your ICT delivery model during the service life cycle

  • advanced performance monitoring and flexible incident creation options

  • portal customization including e-bonding with your own service management tools

  • advanced reporting features:
    • reporting on the business metrics you need to track
    • catalog of alerts, dashboard reports and predictive analyses enabling you to evaluate actual service quality against pre-defined operational, contractual and financial metrics
    • an SLA manager responsible for setting up and implementing this catalog

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