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Business VPN Galerie

The world's first Galerie offering cloud services on a private virtual network.

Orange Business Services


The world's first cloud-ready network.


A range of cloud-based applications and services from your own private network.

Business VPN Galerie enables its Business VPN customers  to securely access over their private VPN cloud services provided by Orange Business Services or partners that have signed up for Business VPN Galerie.
This solution relies on the Business VPN virtual private network range and thus provides secure access to cloud applications.
A unique Cloud computing offer from a private network with strong commitments.

The benefits of the cloud with the security and reliability of a VPN network.

With Business VPN Galerie, cloud services are integrated into your virtual private network. You will thus be able to enjoy everything the Orange Business Services cloud network has to offer with the assurance of a high level of security and availability for your critical applications.
Thanks to the flexibility provided by the cloud and Business VPN Galerie, you will be able to simply and efficiently manage which applications access the cloud from which sites.
You choose the Partners that you want to access the cloud.

End-to-end management and customer support.

For every service or application, the connection is managed end-to-end by Orange Business Services.
Monitoring and after-sales service are provided 24/7 in close collaboration with the partner for whom you are accessing the cloud.



Access cloud services with the security and reliability provided by your VPN.
Cloud computing gives you access to a full range of services but requires a high level of accessibility and availability for your critical applications. With Business VPN Galerie, contacting your suppliers is managed in the core network without using the Internet. You get even greater security.

Enjoy the flexibility and adaptability of the distributed cloud IT solutions.
With Business VPN Galerie, you have access to many services throughout the world, from simple applications to the complete server infrastructure without needing to manage them:

  • Your IT solutions become flexible and adaptable.
  • You have access when you need it as an on-demand service.
  • You can be sure that you are always up to the latest IT standards.

Get control over your budget.
Cloud applications and services are available on demand. Equipment and software investments are thus replaced by operational expenses (pay-per-use).


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Do you want to securely enjoy everything the cloud has to offer?
With Business VPN Galerie your critical applications are accessible from within your private network without using the Internet, guaranteeing end-to-end performance and security.

Do you want to outsource a portion of your applications?
Business VPN Galerie makes it possible to access the Orange Business Services and its partners cloud services and applications:

  • Collaborative solutions with Microsoft Office 365, Cisco Webex and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service solutions with Flexible Computing.
  • Services for managing customer relations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Possibilities for securing electronic money flows with Ingenico and Verifone.
  • Outsourcing Cloud Computing with Microsoft ExpressRoute and Amazon Web Services Direct Connect.

Business VPN Galerie is always being enhanced as new services and partners are added. For more information, contact your sales representative.

Do you want comprehensive service management?
Orange Business Services provides end-to-end connectivity service management.

How does it work?

Connecting the VPN and the cloud
With Business VPN Galerie, Orange Business Services connects the VPN and the range of cloud services through secure virtual private network gateways. It thus enables an uninterrupted extension of your private networks to the cloud.

A cloud-ready VPN
A true interface between the VPN and the cloud, Business VPN Galerie makes the network cloud ready. Business VPN Galerie is a secure connection solution for the data centres owned by Orange Business Services and its partners. Cloud applications are hosted in these data centres.

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The cloud enables you to access many services throughout the world.
Learn about the Business VPN Galerie application partners and services.

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