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Orange Business Services in Russia

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  • About us

    We offer a wide range of communications technology and services, and we do it just about everywhere around the world. But our vision remains simple, guiding all aspects of our work and describing what we need to do to make your business more competitive.

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  • Rosbank project

    We completed a large project providing turn-key dealing room equipment for 40 working stations in the new headquarters of Rosbank, a subsidiary of the international financial group Societe Generale.

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  • WCA 2014

    Orange Business Services was recognized as the Best Enterprise Service for Business VPN Hybrid and received The Cloud Infrastructure Award for Flexible Computing Healthcare at the 2014 World Communications Awards.

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  • Infrastructure

    We are the only international telecommunication and integration services provider with a state-of-the-art network infrastructure that is fully licensed including a long distance voice license in Russia.

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