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Come together with unified communications

Unified collaboration can enable better working platforms and technology through Orange Business Services, a trusted service provider of hosted unified communication. From features to future technology, contact us today with your system requirements.

As a global business, your workforce needs to collaborate across time zones and continents. Cross-disciplinary teams want to use multiple communications tools, such as conferencing, document sharing and instant messaging (IM). To be competitive, you need to shorten project cycles, reduce errors and improve time-to-market through better collaboration.

To this end, look to unifying your communications. Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) tools bring colleagues, partners and customers together. They allow workers to meet virtually at a moment’s notice and work with colleagues like they're sitting next to them. This speeds up business processes by making it easier for your people to get things done faster.

broad portfolio

Our UC&C portfolio consists of the best communications tools on the market. By customizing them to your requirements, you get a unified communications solution perfectly suited to your business. Users will be able to collaborate seamlessly from continent to continent, with a full range of productivity-enhancing tools like IM, telephony, conferencing, document sharing and interactive directory services.

We provide UC through a number of different service models. The service can be located on your premises or hosted in our data center, and either managed by us or not. In addition we offer unified communications as a service (UCaaS) through the cloud along with hybrid models. These flexible service models allow you to minimize capital investment and deploy UC at a pace that suits your business.

enjoy wide-ranging business benefits

Improve productivity, enable global working and cut costs with our wide range of Unified Communications tools.

  • enable companywide collaboration over multiple communications channels
  • count on best-in-class technology from Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft integrated with our core network services
  • choose the flexible service model that fits your strategy, including UCaaS and managed services
  • move to full UC in stages, if required
  • reduce costs by minimizing capital expenditure
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