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The power of voice in your customer support structure


We know customers prefer voice over all other channels when something isn’t right. And there are still some things they just don’t want to do online.


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We’re hosting a webinar on “The Power of Voice” on Tuesday, 17 June 2014 at 10:00 Central European Summer Time. Please join us to hear more about voice in a multichannel support mix. Register here to book your space.


You are probably facing more complex challenges in customer care than ever before. In an online world, with so many digital customer support channels, you need to give your customers new ways to get in touch. But don’t forget: customers often still want to talk to a real person. So voice still has a big role to play.



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Our global reach is better than anyone else’s, and our flexible approach helps you connect better with your customers. Learn about our Contact Center Access solution in this video.



Contact Center Access from Orange Business Services allows you to deliver inbound calls to your contact centers anywhere in the world using dedicated phone numbers. It’s managed by a single platform and easily deployed across multiple regions.

Each Contact Center Access solution is designed to support your individual needs, based on your specific requirements – giving you total flexibility and unrivaled global coverage.



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For insights on how to benefit from the Power of Voice, download our white paper, Optimizing Voice for your Global Customer Base, from the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) website.


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