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Strong and trusted partner in Africa

A trusted brand, an experienced player, the only provider with the right assets and physical presence to deliver connectivity and innovative IT services across the African continent. Harness the potential and succeed in diverse African markets.

Taking advantage of growth opportunities can be daunting if you’re entering markets often associated with strategic, political or cultural sensitivities. How do you tap into Africa’s potential, rapid economic growth, new democracies and urbanization? How do you overcome the struggle to get consistently reliable telecommunications here, especially in hard-to-reach places?


a global/local win-win

At a grass roots level, rolling out requisite technologies into remote locations is something few local incumbents are qualified to perform. But global providers might not have the particular blend of local skills, knowledge and partnerships to move as quickly as you need them to, especially when it comes to deployment. Orange is a global operator, but we have a lot of local “feet on the street” (more than 21,000 pairs and not just in major metro areas but on everywhere from mountain tops to oil platforms, too), delivering connectivity for remote locations according to the service levels that you’d expect in other parts of the world:

  • established world leader
  • long history, 50+ years’ experience
  • local understanding
  • the right network assets and geographical reach
  • big investments in Africa


With a strong brand presence and a good understanding of local trends, we leverage our Group expertise, in parallel with our local partner ecosystem and our local sales presence, to deliver IT solutions to over 70% of the top 50 companies in Africa in this still-developing regulatory environment.


we’re not just here for the good times

Orange has a history of accompanying our customers in all geographies, even where there is limited availability of fixed infrastructure, since we have redundant network topologies in a very large number of countries, provisioned over diverse cable routes or satellite backup. Orange is the only global telecommunications service provider that has been rated by Current Analysis as “strong” for its coverage in the MEA region – with 138 fixed points of presence and 700 VSAT connections, and counting.

We are very aware of the critical role communications plays, which is why our business continuity planning ensures we maintain our services in all situations to protect your business and minimize the impact of any major event or crisis. Our network strategies mitigate downtime issues, maintain last mile connectivity and ensure service quality in the region.


we invest, we innovate

As a sign of our commitment to the region, over 30% of our investments are made in the Africa and Middle East. On the network side, the African Coast to Europe (ACE) cable connects 20 African countries to Europe, improving connectivity between local subsidiaries and global networks. We have a strong domestic presence in 17 nations, and our investments have led to innovations in e-health and m-payment services, sponsorship of the African Soccer Confederation and ongoing support for local communities through the Orange Foundation.

We also invest in our people and customers and have 21,000 employees, two Major Service Centers in Mauritius and Cairo that provide 24x7 support in 15 languages, and major business offices in Johannesburg, Casablanca and Ivory Coast.

African leadership


Orange is leading the way for businesses in Africa and the Middle East

We're the only provider with the right assets and physical presence to deliver connectivity and innovative IT services across the African continent.

  • range of services in more than 220 countries and territories via the world’s largest seamless IP voice and data network
  • dedicated innovation strategy in Africa and the Middle East
  • submarine cables bringing connectivity to the furthest reaches of the continent
  • 2,000 professionals dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between technology and your business needs
  • support in all 54 African countries via our VPN network


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