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Unified Defense

An all-in-one solution to protect your company from cyber attacks.

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turn-key security solution
Based on the concept of unified threat management, Unified Defense combines the essential services required for guaranteeing the security of your telecom and IT environment in a single solution. As an all-in-one offer, Unified Defense includes a Web interface that enables you to customize your security strategy.

complete prevention and protection system
Your solution includes a firewall to which an anti-virus gateway is added, providing you with a standard level of security. Several optional security systems are available for added protection: intrusion detection and prevention, URL filtering, user authentication and high availability.

fully managed, 24/7 service
Our experts configure your solution then ensure your connections are permanently monitored: any intrusion attempt is spotted and blocked. You benefit from a service recovery commitment in the case of an incident and a service continuity guarantee as an added option if you need it.

from wide-scale deployment to customization
Unified Defense is suitable for both medium- and large-sized company sites. For larger companies, we can protect each Internet access point and improve your network security across multiple remote sites. We can also secure smaller, independent sites as part of your global security and prevention policy. What’s more, each security feature can be customized according to your particular security policy.

flexible solution offering good value
Unified Defense provides a highly flexible solution that can be adapted to your needs and priorities. Equipped with a firewall and anti-virus in the standard offer, the solution can easily integrate additional features without additional hardware. Easier than piling up security features from various technologies, Unified Defense is also cost-effective as it allows you to benefit from a global security policy at optimal cost.

what it does


want to secure access to your company network?
Your built-in firewall thoroughly controls all your traffic and blocks any unauthorized connections. It has a network address translation (NAT) feature that makes your internal hardware invisible from the outside and a demilitarized zone (DMZ) feature to retain attacks. Configured by our teams, your firewall can be customized in just a matter of clicks via your Web interface and remains accessible at all times.

looking to protect yourself from viruses?
The anti-virus feature examines all incoming and outgoing data. It filters then eliminates any malicious programs originating from the Internet: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc. The regularly updated anti-virus protection manages protocols such as https, FTP, email, instant messaging, etc.

need to guarantee access security to applications?
Available as on option, user authentication with a password and login means access to your resources is restricted to authorized partners only. URL filtering, also an option, makes it possible to allow or reject useful and forbidden sites based on a system of black and white lists.

is controlling your security a priority?
The Unified Defense Web interface enables you to manage and customize your solution: for example, you can create then change your security rules, access vulnerability reports and view daily and weekly reports detailing the security of your information system.

how it works


four possible configurations
Unified Defense is available in four different boxes and configurations for companies with 50 to 3,000 potential users. The box can be hosted by you or in our data centers.

  • branch office up to 200 potential users and 75 active users
  • small site up to 750 potential users and 150 active users
  • corporate site up to 2,000 potential users and 250 active users
  • data center up to 3,000 potential users and 400 active users

A Web portal provides secure access to the hardware configuration, statistics and monitoring tools for change requests.

FortiManager, the management tool
FortiManager is your solution's centralized management interface: it enables the configuration of your security rules.

FortiAnalyzer, the reporting interface
FortiAnalyzer is the tool for collecting logs and generating daily and weekly statistics reports. Accessible via the Web portal, the reports may also include a vulnerability test report.

worldwide availability
Unified Defense adapts to all kinds of sites and can be implemented globally.

your benefits

benefit from an upgradeable security solution
Unified Defense meets the needs of companies of all sizes: small and medium-sized companies can implement a global, unified security policy, while large companies can deploy a customized strategy for all their sites and Internet access, etc. At any time, your solution can integrate new features to accompany your business development, without requiring any additional hardware.

rely on our security experts
Your solution is managed by our security experts who oversee the configuration and supervision 24/7. You benefit from an effective, ready-to-use solution that requires neither investment nor skills. As a result, you can focus on your business while Unified Defense ensures your peace of mind.

control IT costs
By uniting all the security services you need, Unified Defense avoids the pitfalls of procuring then having to manage disparate and incongruous solutions. Consequently, you optimize your costs while maintaining the control of your budget via a monthly subscription with no surprises.

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