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Flexible Contact Center

A cloud-based contact center solution offering a variety of media and applications for an outstanding customer experience.

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Ready-to-use, turnkey contact center service
Flexible Contact Center is a ready-to-use, turnkey contact center solution for companies of all sizes. Phone calls, e-mail, chat or call-backs via your website: whatever communication channels your customers use, Flexible Contact Center gives you a single tool to handle all your customer contacts easily and efficiently.

Upgradable, customizable contact center
Our service integrates seamlessly into your applications and adapts to your company's infrastructure. Your agents can be in multiple locations, or even work from home. Your contact center solution can begin with a few agent positions and progressively adapt to accommodate more positions, more channels and more features as your business grows.

Cloud contact center, hosted and fully managed by Orange
Easy and quick to set up, Flexible Contact Center requires no hardware or software investment on your part. We oversee your contact center end to end, from network access to service implementation, and deliver ongoing management. You benefit from our renowned quality of service, and our experts are available to support, advise and assist you at all times.

How it works?

Flexible Contact Center: a multichannel contact center solution in the cloud




Ensure minimum IT investment and cost optimization
By moving to an OPEX model, you will pay for what you use and easily manage peak activity and seasonal demand based solely on usage. Also, the single interface for processing contacts with no hardware investment will allow you to use your existing IT resources and control costs.

Deliver the best possible customer experience
Increase your agility and follow market trends using real-time administration tools, reporting and analytics. Considering new user expectations and proactively reaching out to customers will help you deliver consistent end-user experience. You will also gain in productivity through better resource allocation and higher numbers of contacts processed, which will satisfy customers. 

Optimize IT resources and avoid heavy infrastructure
By delegating the rollout, hosting, operation and maintenance of your contact center, you can take advantage of the latest technological advances in customer relationship management, without having to invest in heavy infrastructure or IT specialist resources. Moreover, providing the same tool worldwide will help you optimize IT resources.  


  Best cloud service Flexible Contact Center won the award for best cloud service at the 15th annual World Communication Awards. With Orange, you have a leader for cloud-based contact centers.

We collaborate with the key vendor partner leaders on the market to reinforce our expertise and our experience in customer relation management.
More than 500 contact center experts are dedicated to making your business life easier, in activities ranging from banking to the service industry, including the transport, tourism, retail, e-commerce, services, manufacturing and IT sectors. You will benefit from our many years of experience and know-how to deliver a contact center solution that's right for your business.


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Basic contact center functionalities: customer contacts are automatically routed to the most skilled agent available
With Flexible Contact Center, inbound contacts are qualified and distributed via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), then routed via Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to available agents with the right expertise - regardless of where they are located. While your customers are waiting, you can provide personalized information about your business to free up agents from spending time on repetitive requests, allowing your agents to focus on more specific customer needs.

Since it is a virtual solution, it can be accessed securely via the Internet, enabling you to include remote and home-based agents immediately

State-of-art agent tool, unique in the market
Your agents will find the workspace intuitive and easy to use for inbound and outbound communications whatever the channel. It boasts all the features of a traditional portal (accessible via a URL) plus a larger range of functions for your supervisors and administrators. This includes personalized desktops – including access to a large library of widgets – schedule and message management and real-time and historical statistics.

Simplified integration with Knowledge Management & CRM applications
In only few clicks, you will be able to integrate advanced features such as CRM and Knowledge Management. For more sophisticated contact center requirements, Flexible Contact Center can also be integrated with other CRM tools and software.

Reliable and professional support
From design to implementation, a project team is at your service to advise and assist you in personalizing your contact center solution. You have a single point of contact to manage your implementation, and we train your teams (agents, supervisors and administrators) to help make your contact center as successful as possible.
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