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Flexible Computing Premium

managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) : transform your IT delivery and free up valuable resources to focus on business value-add

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Flexible Computing Premium is part of our proven networked Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and IT services portfolio that includes self-managed and managed virtual private, private and hybrid cloud hosting.

Running on the same secure infrastructure as Flexible Computing Express, our managed Flexible Computing Premium service offers a modular industrialized catalogue of cloud infrastructure and software management services – all the way up to the application layer (OS, Middleware and Applications) – as well as support for Physical Servers.

This frees your IT team from the day-to-day operational tasks of managing cloud infrastructure and software to focus on more strategic projects. And because our pay-as-you-go management services are fully industrialized they are more flexible and cost effective than using in-house resources or bespoke managed services.

Flexible Computing Premium has been designed from the ground up to meet the security, performance and availability needs of enterprise cloud customers, making it ideal for business critical workloads such as major website infrastructure, eCommerce, Microsoft Sharepoint, ERP and Point-of-Sale applications.

Working with a single provider for network, cloud infrastructure and management services, like Orange, also reduces complexity and harmonizes your ITC ecosystem, helping you deliver more agile, trusted and valued IT.

what it does

Flexible Computing Premium is a managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering that provides a modular catalog of industrialized management services all the way up to the application layer. This enables you to customize to your needs, having Orange partly or fully manage day-to-day cloud infrastructure and software operational tasks, including:

  • Infrastructure management
    •  optimization of your secure Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) of compute, storage, security, network and physical server resources

  • Operating System (OS) management
    •  license management, monitoring, patching, backup, incident handling, logs and usage

  • Middleware (MW) management
    •  installation, monitoring, patching, logs and usage

  • Application management
    •  installation, deployment, monitoring and operation

Flexible Computing Premium also includes a secure web portal for handling change requests, incident management, SLA tracking and monitoring the consumption of Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) resources. We also provide a Customer Services Manager as a single point of contact for ensuring we deliver against all agreed SLAs.

how it works

Flexible Computing Premium enables you to build a customized IT infrastructure selecting the level of management services for every component. Management services include Managed OS (which includes management and optimization of the virtual infrastructure),  Middleware monitoring and Managed middleware up to Application outsourcing.

You can select one of the management services for every component of the infrastructure, from a single application, down to one virtual machine, both on virtual and physical servers.

Flexible Computing Premium also includes Service Select IT to assist you during the build and run phases.

your benefits

Flexible Computing Premium is a managed networked Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution designed to transform the way you deliver IT services and applications in the Cloud.

  • free-up internal IT resources to focus on more strategic projects
  • rapidly respond to changing business needs and growth
  • flex and scale both infrastructure and management services
  • improve capacity and resource planning
  • increase control and visibility into IT spend
  • provide performance and availability for business-critical applications
  • simplify operations though a single web portal for all change requests, incident management and SLA tracking
  • work directly with Orange IT and Network experts to customize to your needs
  • harmonize your ITC ecosystem: a single provider for network, cloud infrastructure and management services

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