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Flexible Computing Healthcare

secure your health applications and data

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 flexible computing healthcare

host your health data and applications

Flexible Computing Healthcare is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing solution. It provides healthcare establishments with hardware and software resources configured to host personal health data in compliance with personal health data  regulations. We can host multiple applications from differing environments, from  critical applications to prescription issuing or home care management.


a simple, secure and flexible IT solution

Choose the services that meet your needs, evolve your  hardware and software as required  and refocus on your core activity. There is no need to worry about restrictions related to risk management, security, archiving or updating.


virtualize your infrastructure The solution is built on server virtualization  technology. The infrastructure and services are fully modular. You can manage and develop your "made-to-measure" IT system based on your needs and your activities, thereby optimizing your servers' resources.



benefit from high levels of security that are suitable for medical records

Flexible Computing Healthcare offers a dedicated infrastructure for storing and archiving applications and patient data. Our data centers are highly secure and are are compliant with personal health data regulations. You will also benefit from a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to help you resume operations quickly in the event of a disaster or incident.


take advantage of our support services

Your dedicated customer service manager will accompany you and respond to your requests, from roll-out through to operation, and will support you with your development requirements. You will be free from administrative restrictions through the availability of customized reporting and activity monitoring, increases in workloads and several other services to enable you to evaluate your system’s usage and performance.


manage your budget and reduce your costs

You can plan your budget. Your hardware and software investments are transformed into predictable operational costs. You will optimize the use of your internal resources and rationalize your costs.


help to reduce energy consumption

By choosing Flexible Computing Healthcare, you are opting for a technology that helps to protect the environment. Currently, 10 to 15% of available server capacity is used.   By replacing your physical machines with virtual machines, you are helping to reduce  energy costs associated with IT. Choosing Flexible Computing Healthcare means investing in Green IT.


do you need to save and archive patient data?

We provide you with a way of saving  important data, as well as electronic archiving of documents with probative value, in an infrastructure dedicated to the needs of the healthcare sector.


would you like greater flexibility in the management of your IT system?

Add and share resources to and from your physical servers by creating a set of virtual servers. These servers have all the features of a physical server (memory, disk, processor power etc), but without the restrictions.


do you need your IT system to keep pace with your activities?

Your IT system is adaptable and evolves – it can be modified quickly to meet your changing needs and address unforeseen circumstances or peak periods. A full range of services allows you to customize each server. You decide the level of resources to allocate to your most critical applications (office, web, business etc).


do you want to free yourself from the constraints of managing your IT infrastructure?

Flexible Computing Healthcare offers various levels of engagement (SLAs) that correspond to the service management levels you wish to apply to your servers. Depending on how critical your applications are (messaging, radiology, scanners, remote monitoring etc), you can let us take care of all or part of the management of your solution.

 the cloud infrastructure award 

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Cloud computing allows any IT resource to be consumed as a utility, from simple applications to a complete server infrastructure, and be delivered to you on-demand over a network.

We provide cloud services that can make you more agile and competitive.
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