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Easy Go Network

Easy Go Network

100% digital, software defined networking (SDN) offer in 75 countries.

Orange Business Services


Easy Go Network allows enterprises to instantly provision virtual network functions (VNF) for branch offices with full digital self-service ordering, customer care and reporting functions via a user-friendly portal.




Simplified management of branch sites

  • Online ordering and self-care
  • Automated fulfillment

Speed to deliver and change

  • Easy to plug in Internet access
  • Set up security with instant fulfillment

Flexible design and pricing

  • Scale up/down on demand
  • Try-before-you-buy with reduced implementation costs
  • No commitment

Secure by design

  • End-to-end control
  • Consistent application of security policies to all sites


Orange is playing a leading role in the open source standards bodies

  • Our new Easy Go Network is built using open source and standardized solutions. This is essential to enable the end-to-end management of best-in-breed IT systems
  • This ensures interoperability, upgradeability, reduces costs, the risk of obsolescence and increases innovation rates

We bring to our customers global orchestration and integration of an ecosystem

  • We select best-of-breed components from leading technology vendors
  • We orchestrate their aggregation and integration into a powerful automation and service management framework
  • We ensure end-to-end accountability throughout the entire process from ordering to self-care

Giving you greater control over your digital business

  • You will be able to benefit from a fully SDN-enabled Network as a Service to manage all your virtualized networks functions with a single pane of glass management window
  • This will be enabled by a journey towards the “self-adaptive network” that responds to real-time employee and customer needs


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A digital customer journey:

  • Online ordering via a self-service portal
  • Easy management and visibility
  • One-minute activation

Connectivity package:

  • Plug-and-play router
  • Site to site connectivity
  • Internet breakout
  • Firewall

On-demand services:

  • Best-in-breed virtual Security services with Fortinet (web filtering, anti-malware, application security)
  • Additional virtualized functions from selected vendors, including application optimization and WiFi management, are slated for launch in 2017

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A network that's ahead of your business

Orange Business Services accelerates “Network as a Service” for businesses with international launch of Easy Go Network
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