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Contact Center Access

A suite of services for international inbound call collection and outbound call delivery.

Orange Business Services




Flexible access and call routing
Now your call center managers can distribute calls among multiple call centers, reducing costs while improving customer service levels. You can choose the most suitable access for your customers, no matter where they are and where your contact centers are located, including toll-free, international toll-free, local access numbers, toll-share and revenue share.

Efficient call distribution
Calls are routed and processed more rapidly, reducing call wait times; customers can contact you wherever they are and via their choice of device. They are more easily directed to the right agent, no matter where he or she is physically located. This solution enables successful off-shore contact centers, follow-the-sun strategies and site consolidation to support callers in all markets worldwide.

Call collection for conferencing
Thanks to a customized set of worldwide access numbers, your employees may access their conferencing services at local or toll free rates wherever they are located.

Worldwide presence
We offer public access numbers in 140+ countries and territories that can direct calls to contact centers anywhere in the world. Using a sophisticated set of routing features, this service is stable and cost-effective. It’s also easier to manage your infrastructure through a single provider worldwide.



Digital customer experience
Orange has developed a web portal which optimizes digital customer experience:

Online Ordering:

  • Obtain ready-to-go, and new numbers on-line with a few clicks
  • Just choose the call collect country, quantity and type of access numbers


  • Implement instant changes for termination numbers, perform change management on service features and define Emergency Routing Plan activations
  • Enable and configure origin, time, load and alternate dependent routing via the self-care.

what it does



Are your customers based around the world?
Establish and maintain a set of telephone numbers around the world for your customers. Calls coming into those numbers can be delivered to contact centers. You can manage all this via a single provider and a unified infrastructure.

Do you need to use different types of access numbers ?
Choose from multiple types of access numbers depending on your business and locations:

  • Regular toll (PSTN): a number with distance-sensitive charging
  • Toll-free: a number recognized as a toll free number with a 0800 prefix format in most countries
  • UIFN: a toll free number with the same format everywhere it is implemented
  • Toll-share: a number for which the cost of the calls is shared between the caller and the called party
  • Revenue share: a number for which the caller pays a fixed rate, higher than the fixed regular national rate; in this case, you receive a share of the revenue

Need to give your agents more time for real value-added activities?
Contact Center Access works in conjunction with advanced value added services such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a caller self-service tool, which provides automatic, flexible and customized answers to simple or complex customer requirements; optimizing call treatment and staff allocation across distributed call centers and giving your agents more time for real value-added calls and activities.

how it works

Architecture overview
Contact Center Access architecture is a combination of PSTN interconnects and our private, IP backbone. We link with local carriers around the world to collect calls from the PSTN. We then carry those calls on our intelligent IP-based network to any of your contact centers around the world.
With our global coverage and advanced network, we can collect calls from 140+ countries and territories, and deliver those calls to 100+ countries using a direct connection, and to anywhere in the world.

Call collection types
For call collection, we support a variety of telephone number types, so you can provide your end users with the most appropriate access for the types of calls you expect from them. We can deliver calls using direct connections in many formats, including:

  • Direct T1/E1
  • Direct IP VPN connexion
  • DSL or Ethernet
  • ISDN, SIP protocols

We can mix and match different technology types and deliver calls to traditional (TDM) or IP-based PBXs and ACDs.



your benefits

Your customers can call your contact centers from anywhere
Give your customers a number to call for sales and support regardless of their location thanks to the broadest global coverage and a variety of access methods including local number, toll-free, international toll free, toll-share, etc.

Simple administration
Manage your global call collection infrastructure via a single provider using centralized tools that give you visibility and control.

Maximize agent productivity
When combined with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), your agents can focus on more complex call issues. In addition, by spreading calls over multiple locations, Contact Center Access creates a larger virtual agent pool, which is more efficient and ensures 24x7 availability.

Flexible billing
Orange offers flexible billing options to suit your business needs. You can choose to be invoiced locally or globally for all sites or for specific sites. You can pay with any major currency (USD, Euro, Yen, …).



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Real-time reporting
See the traffic and load on your network in real time; as well as where calls are coming from and where they are going. You get all the information you need to manage your network and maximize efficiency.

Network IVR advantages
IVR reduces the cost of handling routine inquiries. Implementing IVR in the network eliminates CAPEX and makes routing calls more efficient. You can handle calls in the network without ever bringing the call to one of your sites. This lowers your costs and can improve call quality because there is no need to trombone calls in and out of an IVR placed on your site.

Multi-channel contact center services
With multi-channel contact centers, you can support your customers via email, chat and Internet contact centers.

Professional services
Orange Business Services offers a complete set of consulting and project management services to ensure your design is right and the implementation is smooth. Service level agreements are also available for Contact Center Access.

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