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Business Together as a Service

Your collaborative work and communication tools in the cloud.

Orange Business Services



unified communications and collaboration on demand
Business Together as a Service offers a unique and simple unified communications and collaboration experience. Your telephony, unified messaging, presence and instant messaging, audio, Web and video conferencing, mobility and contact center features are all enabled from the Orange cloud.
Wherever they are, in the office or on the move, your employees can access collaboration tools and work effectively with their colleagues and partners from their computer, tablet, smartphone or PDA.

a solution you can adapt to your needs
No upfront investment is needed: our cloud based unified communications services are hosted out of our data center’s in France, Frankfurt, Atlanta and Singapore. There is no cost associated with equipment purchases or software licenses, nor with ongoing maintenance. With per-user, per-profile billing you can easily anticipate and closely monitor your costs, adapting this economical solution as your resource needs change.

six predefined user profiles
End User features are grouped together according to different profiles to give you the flexibility to select only the ones that are actually needed by your end users. Your communications suite is organized according to user profiles, tailored to different usage: from simple telephony to a complete package including telephony, messaging, presence and web conferencing, for example. You can select a mix of different user profiles, giving you complete flexibility.

what it does


want to simplify access to collaborative work tools?
Simple menus allow you to phone, send emails, exchange instant messages, launch virtual meetings, or share documents with your colleagues from any of your devices. Thanks to presence management, you'll know the best way to reach your colleagues right from the start.

need to incorporate different user requirements?
Thanks to the admin portal, you can allocate one of six predefined user profiles: simply choose and assign the most suitable profile depending on your employee’s business needs. You can adjust each profile within a few clicks.

looking for a solution that adapts to your company's changes?
With per-user, per profile billing you can easily anticipate and closely monitor your costs. You only pay for what you’re actually using on a monthly basis.

how it works

deployment at your own pace
Based on your business strategy, you can choose to move all or part of your infrastructure to the cloud, or you can deploy Business Together as a Service at only a selection of your company’s locations. Your solution can change as your business changes.


security and performance: high priorities
We guarantee the service performance of the Business Together as a Service hosting platform. For this, we rely on our Tier III/IV data centers spread across France, Atlanta, Singapore and Frankfurt connected through secure high bandwidth VPN connections to your network.


expert support and know-how
Together with you, we determine the best approach for moving to a collaborative cloud work environment. We take into account the equipment and software that you already have in place as well as your business strategy and needs. The result is a solution that is well suited to your business and your situation.
When you’re ready to get started, our teams work with you and your day-to-day activities to ensure the smooth implementation of your solution and the training of your administrators and users. From the outset of your project to its implementation and beyond, you can rely on our experts for professional service and support.

Business Together as a Service is available across Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. It is complementary to our LAN offers, network and support services.

your benefits

optimize teamwork
With Business Together as a Service, your partners can closely collaborate and communicate any time, wherever they are, as if they were in the same office. Making phone calls, sending e-mails, exchanging instant messages, launching meetings by phone and sharing documents with colleagues is a snap, whichever device you’re using.

reduce investments and pay only for what you use
We host and manage Business Together as a Service, so you’ll have no worries about hardware, license or maintenance investments, nor about teaching your teams new skills. You’ll automatically benefit from service changes, software updates, etc., without even thinking about them and, above all, without any extra cost. Your monthly bill is based on your active profiles, so you always pay only for what you are using.

make our administrative portal your best ally
On the administrative Web portal accessible around the clock, you can create, delete and modify your user profiles based on your real and current needs. Has a partner changed positions? Switch that profile in just a few clicks. Does an employee need another phone with more features? Request the switch quickly and easily online no matter where they are in the world at the time.

take advantage of a secure, reliable solution
Orange has been offering cloud-computing components for nearly 10 years. We guarantee the high performance of the Business Together as a Service hosting platform so you never have to worry about service interruptions. Additionally, our IP-based MPLS VPN network is highly secure and dedicated to meeting the needs of even the world’s largest enterprises.

rely on our people and skills
As a Business Together as a Service customer, you’ll have access to all of our expertise and know-how. We’ll skillfully manage and monitor your solution 24x7, and provide maintenance service as and when needed.
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