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Our approach

Business VPN Hybrid from Orange provides your business with flexible, secure connectivity and the performance it needs, now and in the future. Expertly managed by local specialists and supported by our strong global team, Business VPN Hybrid is the foundation for your digital transformation.
here’s how our unique approach can benefit your business:


improved performance and user experience

We provide the controls and technologies necessary to ensure your end users enjoy a consistently exceptional experience – wherever they are and whatever the device – and your network meets your growing demands.

securing your network and staying compliant

We’ll provide you with the latest, strongest and most reliable security, protecting every layer of your network and ensuring you comply with every worldwide regulatory requirement.

controlling your costs, helping you change

By bringing you a single, unified network and optimizing its performance, we’ll help you maintain – and even reduce – your costs. Making Orange your sole provider will reduce your management costs and ensure you have one partner when it comes to managing changes such as migrating applications to your own data center or the cloud.

reducing complexity and planning for the future

We’ll manage every element of your network now and in the future, whether physical, in-house or online. Our managed support will free your resources to focus on other areas while we ensure your network is primed to deliver optimum performance.

moving to the cloud

We can connect your network quickly to cloud-based applications and services. Our advanced cloud connections will also optimize and protect mission-critical Internet traffic streams.

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Sun Chemical
Increased network traffic visibility cuts costs and enables global SAP rollout
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