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Orange IoT solution helps Chuango enhance their home security solutions with global, real-time connectivity



  • Chuango specialize in wireless smart home technology
  • To ensure the success of a new premium priced product, the company needed to partner with an expert telecoms company for global connectivity
  • Orange has delivered an embedded IoT SIM solution with a connectivity management platform and expert support on technical testing and implementation
  • The Orange service can be rapidly deployed, which is enabling Chuango to meet its market-by-market launch schedule for its new smart home product



"As we continue to rapidly expand our retail activities in Europe and worldwide, it has become critical for us to find and collaborate with a reliable telecommunications partner that can grow and scale with us regionally and globally."
Ken Li, Chairman & CEO, Chuango


Issues and challenges


Chuango Security Technology Corporation specializes in wireless smart home technology. Its products range from do-it-yourself security and home automation to energy and health management, and all are approached with a vision of simple design and system reliability.

In its early products, end users had to choose their own mobile operator to enable connectivity. For the launch of a new, premium product, Chuango focused on being able to offer a higher specification with built-in worldwide connectivity.


  • Internet of Things
for premium product price position
in line with launch schedule
budget planning capability
scalable solution
The objective

Enable the successful launch of a premium-priced product in core markets, and accelerate growth worldwide.

The Orange Business Services solution


  • Orange IoT SIM solution with connectivity management platform
  • Coverage of core markets – 28 European countries, the U.S. and Canada, and future markets worldwide
  • Solution expert support to help with technical testing and implementation
  • Program management



The benefits


The Orange Business Services solution has enabled Chuango to offer a premium-priced product worldwide and accelerate new market penetration and sales growth.

  • Reliable, secure, seamless, global connectivity with strong SLAs
  • Improved customer experience
  • Simplified process to use the product
  • Platform for launching new services
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