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Orange MPLS network supports growing, world-class, pan-African bank



  • Ecobank is a leading pan-African full-service bank with rapid market growth, doubling in recent years

  • its patchwork network had poor availability and reliability

  • the bank wanted to reduce costs, increase reach and enhance customer satisfaction

  • our solution includes a fully managed MPLS network, professional services, customer service management and 24/7 monitoring

  • benefits include increased network flexibility, security and scalability, lower costs and improved customer service

  • the new infrastructure is a foundation for future growth, new applications and services



“Ecobank selected Orange as its partner in the deployment of its MPLS and cloud solution for very clear reasons. Financial services providers such as Swift and Visa use the Orange network to transmit transactions through their networks. In addition, Orange has a local presence in each of the 'Ecoland' countries, thereby eliminating back-to-back contracts with third-party providers.”
Tunji Alabi, CIO, Ecobank Group

issues and challenges


Founded in Togo in 1988, Ecobank Group now has over 23,000 employees working in 1,151 branches and offices across 32 Middle African countries and serving 9.4M customers. In 2011, the bank achieved revenues of US$1,196M. The Ecobank Group is a full service bank providing wholesale, retail, investment and transactional banking services to governments, financial institutions, multinationals, local companies, SMEs and individuals. It is the largest employer in the financial services industry in Middle Africa and has a greater presence in Africa than any other bank in the world.

Services are delivered by three customer-focused business segments – Corporate Bank, Domestic Bank and Ecobank Capital – all of which are supported by an integrated IT platform operated by eProcess, the group’s technology subsidiary.

Rapid growth had been supported through a patchwork of its own VSAT infrastructure and several terrestrial network providers. However, this arrangement was not providing the reliability and consistency of service that the bank needed to deliver high-quality service to its customers and to support its staff and highly distributed operations.


  • Welcome to planet local
  • Network
costs and TCO
security for customers
to rapidly introduce new services
for business continuity strategy
the objective

deploy a secure, standardized and seamless global network that is highly reliable, flexible and scalable with a lower TCO

the Orange Business Services solution


  • fully managed MPLS network
  • professional services
  • customer service management
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • program management



the benefits


Utilizing the Orange Business Services MPLS network has delivered significant benefits to Ecobank.

cost savings

  • controlled network management costs
  • reduced TCO
  • single global provider


growth potential

  • infrastructure platform to support growth
  • rapid deployment of new applications
  • increased new customer services

simplicity, flexibility

  • increased and flexible capacity and scalability
  • extended geographical reach
  • enhanced security



Ecobank, a world-class, pan-African bank, was looking for a secure, reliable global network that could keep up with the company's rapid growth. A managed MPLS network with customer service management and 24x7 monitoring is providing security and scalability, along with reduced costs and TCO.
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