Visibility as a Service: application performance is a business concern

How do you know if your business activities are performant and under control? Visibility as a Service provides visibility and optimization functions in a flexible solution.

Visibility as a Service improves productivity, decreases business risk and reduces IT costs by providing the right visibility services for your business application performance and IT infrastructure and enabling a permanent optimization process within your business.

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Migration to cloud-hosted workloads and applications changes the depth of traffic flows and increases the need for strict and precise third-party management.

Five reasons to choose Visibility as a Service


Assess and control your IT business risk

Increase your business productivity and optimize end-user experience

Improve your brand reputation and image

Optimize your investments and your return on investment (ROI)

Ensure optimization from Day 1 by customizing the service based on your needs




How does it work?

Visibility as a Service provides a large set of “as-a-service” features for visibility and optimization of your IT infrastructure using best-of-breed tools.

Based on your needs today and as they evolve, the service can include NPM (network performance monitoring), DEM (digital end-user experience), APM (application performance monitoring), AI (artificial intelligence), etc. We use tools from Aternity, Riverbed and ThousandEyes to customize the solution that best fits your needs and business priorities.

VaaS provides the following deliverables to your relevant technical and business owners, as needed:

  • Assess with your teams' business visibility priorities
  • Design optimal visibility windows accordingly
  • Show your real IT situation
  • Analyze your true IT performance
  • Act and recommend optimizations and corrections
  • Support your IT changes and evolution

Visibility as a Service can help you find the answers you need

  • What application performance are my users experiencing?
  • Which users or servers are facing issues?
  • What impact has an IT change had (for instance, a migration to O365)?
  • What is my SaaS performance, and how can I challenge my SaaS providers?
  • How is application performance for homeworkers? And Wi-Fi users?
  • How can I define XLAs/SLAs for my IT customers?
  • And many more

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