Data protection, cloud and Internet laws vary worldwide. This creates huge technical and legal challenges for enterprises looking to expand globally and tap into hard-to-reach markets by moving their data off-premise to the cloud.
To take the headache out of connecting to cloud in these markets, Orange Business Services has set up the Open Cloud Alliance. We have teamed up with Huawei and are bringing other global partners on board to enable enterprises to seamlessly deploy public cloud-based systems worldwide – even in the most regulated regions.

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Midea Group unlocks global markets with multicloud

Cloud is increasingly essential in helping companies open up new markets. Tapping into the global reach of the Open Cloud Alliance, find out how Orange Business Services helped Midea Group support expansion into hard-to-reach markets with our multicloud offering.

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Midea Group


Get global with the Open Cloud Alliance


China to become the world’s largest cloud market by 2023

to become the world’s largest cloud market by 2023.

Data sovereignty and data protection regulations are becoming a real challenge for enterprises looking to do business globally. We’ve seen, for example, the arrival of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Japanese Personal Information Protection Act and the Australia Privacy Act, together with tougher laws in China and Russia. This is just the beginning as governments look to take tighter control on the flow of their citizens’ data.

Data sovereignty is an issue if an enterprise wants to store personal data outside of the data’s country of origin. Privacy and data hosting regulations vary dramatically between countries. China, for example, requires all cloud computing and citizens' data to be hosted on servers based in the country. GDPR demands that all EU citizens' data must be stored in the EU, covered by European privacy laws, or in a jurisdiction that offers similar protection.

Geographic placement of personal data can have major consequences on compliance and revenue, as well as opening up an enterprise to the possibility of large fines. This is why Gartner maintains that it is imperative that CIOs understand the personal and financial data requirements of all addressable markets to make the right data residency choices.


Accessing a global economy with cloud

China to become the world’s largest cloud market by 2023

Global public cloud services spending will hit $370 billion in 2022.

Cloud is an essential tool in opening up new markets – it is flexible, scalable and economical, providing enhanced communications, governance and security. It is the way for globally-minded enterprises to tap into new markets. With cloud you can, in theory, operate anywhere in the world. But the highly restrictive regulatory maze around data sovereignty and privacy is a huge downside, increasing the challenge for enterprises expanding into hard-to-reach markets.

To take the headache out of connecting to cloud in these markets, Orange Business Services has set up the Open Cloud Alliance. We have teamed up with Huawei and are bringing other global partners on board to enable enterprises to seamlessly deploy public cloud-based systems worldwide – even in the most regulated regions. Cloud services delivered by the Open Cloud Alliance are built on the OpenStack open-source cloud computing platform and allow enterprises to seamlessly deploy public cloud-based systems worldwide. Each partner is focused on building cloud infrastructure in its “home” region, into which the other partners connect.

The whole concept has been designed to be easy to use. Enterprises access the different regions via a console supplied by the local Open Cloud Alliance, accessible via a single sign-in. By utilizing OpenStack, the console interfaces and cloud resources across regions are similar. The Open Cloud Alliance Private Network has been built specifically to interconnect with Global Cloud Alliance partners. The benefit of this approach is that it gives enterprises private, secure and high-quality connections between regions.


The Open Cloud Alliance: how does it work?

The Open Cloud Alliance takes a similar approach to airline partnerships in the transport industry, which are designed to provide passengers with more routes and greater convenience. The alliance is looking to have 19 regions live by 2020 across Asia, Latin America, North America, Russia and Europe.

You benefit from the simplicity of a single contract to access the Open Cloud Alliance’s resources worldwide, with single sign-on console access for all regions and a single invoice incorporating regional usage. Support is delivered via a single point of contact via Orange irrespective of the mix of services. Services can be supplied on a self-service or fully-managed basis. Once a customer request to access a region has been submitted, Orange Business Services looks to take it live in seven days.

For China, Orange is partnering with Huawei. By interconnecting with its private network, it will be much easier to deploy a cloud infrastructure between Paris and Shanghai, for example, and guarantee performance. The Huawei network in China is interconnected to Orange Business Services internationally, creating an end-to-end cloud infrastructure. Globally, Orange Business Services can not only integrate the cloud infrastructure but also the network and managed applications.

Cloud Alliance
Host your data securely on every continent and deploy services on an international scale.


The Open Cloud Alliance provides:

  • A privacy-compliant cloud infrastructure, respecting GDPR and other similar local regulations, while ensuring data security
  • The enterprise retains sole authorization to control data across the different regions that the Open Cloud Alliance covers

Globally integrating your chosen cloud

Orange Business Services can integrate and extend your cloud services to your chosen Open Cloud Alliance region, even if you are not an Orange Business Services or Huawei customer. We can also provide consultancy and solutions to support a cloud-first roadmap.

Keeping your data safe

All Open Cloud Alliance partners are GDPR compliant. We can also advise on additional cloud security features leveraging Orange Cyberdefense. All the security features, including security firewalls and denial of service software, are installed by Orange Business Services.


Open Cloud Alliance benefits

With no global standard governing data sovereignty and accelerating privacy regulations, the landscape can be complex and foreboding. Orange Business Services and the Open Cloud Alliance can help you navigate this continuously changing regulatory terrain.
  • Our consultants have local data knowledge to help navigate regulatory issues and suggest the best route forward
  • We can run an audit to find out what needs to be strengthened and what needs to change in your cloud strategy while adding new regions
  • We can get you up and running on cloud in hard-to-reach markets in just seven days. It could take you weeks or even months to do it on your own
  • For enterprises who want to sell products online in China, we can provide assistance with Internet Content Provider (ICP) registration, which is essential when setting up an online business there
  • We offer an a la carte approach. With our network, we can offer a complete end-to-end cloud solution, or you can manage some or all of it yourself. We also offer complementary services, including application management, security and professional services. Our pre-sales team can help you design the best bespoke solution for your enterprise

Asian multinational uses multicloud to connect with hard-to-reach markets

Asian multinational

The Open Cloud Alliance has helped this multinational seamlessly deploy public, cloud-based systems worldwide.

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