How do we make smarter decisions?
Artificial vs. augmented intelligence

Join futurist Mike Walsh as he interviews some of the world's leading innovators and technologists to bring you inspirational stories of digital leadership and transformation.


Artificial intelligence and automation are disrupting the business of law, leading to faster, more accurate decision making and improved access to justice.
In this podcast, we talk to Paul Greenwood, CIO at Clifford Chance, a leading international law firm:

  • Can predictive algorithms help lawyers analyze vast quantities of data and assess legal risk with speed and precision?
  • Will AI tools, trained against a firm's accumulated knowledge, be a source of competitive advantage?
  • Can legal guidance and direction be used to automate business processes within companies?

Join Paul Greenwood, CIO at Clifford Chance, in conversation with Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, a global innovation consultancy.

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