Innovation value lies less in the technology itself than in the uses that are made of it. We co-build an open ecosystem that places business reality at the very heart of every innovative approach.


Industrial partnerships

To accompany you through your data journey, we ensure end-to-end integration of the best market players’ solutions.

industrial partnerships


Partner certifications

Cisco, Microsoft

Platinium / Elite: Polycom, Plantronics, Riverbed

Alcatel, Juniper, Mitel




Research partnerships

  • We support research to put the power of technology at the service of unprecedented potential
  • We develop partnerships with start-ups and schools to support the development of AI in Europe

Research partnerships with laboratories and universities

Start-ups supported



Expertise recognized by analysts at every stage of the data journey
Find regional and global reports that will offer you a perspective on our capabilities and solutions and analysts' recommendations.

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Compliance and accreditations

As an ISO organization, Orange Business Services is committed to compliance and quality. We actively track emerging requirements and comply with all legislation and regulation concerning our services.