Verisure is creating a paperless sales process


To virtualize the door-to-door sales process, to improve sales performance, to reduce operational costs related to the handling of paper contracts, to increase the quality of customer data collected, to make IT applications more secure and to provide a better customer and user experience.

"We wanted to provide our security experts with a tailor-made mobile business application, to switch to a paperless sales process without losing the legal value of the contract signature. Orange Business Services supported us in our digital transformation by developing a solution that is fully integrated with our information system and with our external partners."

Alban Tissier, Cross-Functional Projects Department Manager, Verisure by Securitas Direct


Verisure by Securitas Direct chose Orange Business Services to support them in the digital transformation of their business processes and signing and archiving customer contracts with probative value:

  • Development of a customized, ergonomic and easy-to-use business application for tablets
  • A back-office application server for integration with Verisure by Securitas Direct’s information system
  • The Contact Everyone API for automatically sending a code to the customer’s mobile phone by SMS, which will be entered into the tablet application, and sending the completed contract to the customer by e-mail
  • Integration of partners’ solutions:
    • DocuSign, a trusted third party for time-stamping and electronic signature services
    • Arkhineo, for long-term contract archiving
  • Internal EDM for making customer files available to Verisure by Securitas Direct’s employees
  • Third-party application maintenance

Efficiency and innovation
Verisure by Securitas Direct’s product catalog, prices and contracts are automatically updated on the mobile application. Data entry and verification assistance tools facilitate the expert’s work and improve the quality of customer data collected. The entire sales process (product presentation, quotation, signature, secure archiving) is part of an innovative initiative generating greater interactivity between the expert and the customer and an improvement in the sales experience.

Saving time and making exchanges smoother
The average time to draw up a contract has been halved, from 30 mins to 15 mins. Customer information entered in the mobile business application is automatically sent to Verisure by Securitas Direct’s information system, thus eliminating manual back-office input, which could be a source of errors.

Reducing carbon footprint
Verisure by Securitas Direct has reduced the amount of paper they use and transport across France by 80%, particularly when they bring out new products, services or offers.

  • Time to draw up a contract halved, from 30 to 15 mins
  • 80% reduction in the amount of paper used and transported
  • Increased agility: just one click to synchronize and update tablets with new sales offers
  • Smooth and efficient customer and user experience
  • Compliance with regulations for door-to-door customer selling
  • Improvement in customer image

Verisure by Securitas Direct is a European leader in remote fire and intrusion monitoring aimed at private individuals and small businesses. A solution that covers the entire value chain, from product development through sales and installation to the 24x7 remote monitoring service

  • Presence in 14 European countries and in Latin America
  • 250,000 customers protected in France, 2 million worldwide
  • 1,500 employees in France, 9,000 employees worldwide