Union-Matériaux launches new mobile application

Issues and challenges

Based in Montpellier, France, Groupe Union-Matériaux is a leading independent specialist in the distribution of building materials. The company’s 470 employees operate from 35 offices across Southeast France with 2012 turnover of €138M.

A business with strong family values, a number of acquisitions have seen the company grow significantly in recent years. However, it was identified that working practices across the 150 strong sales team were not delivering the high-quality customer service required to support the company’s brand image. In addition, the traditional printed catalogs were expensive to produce, and the paper-based product identification-to-order process was no longer fit for purpose.

"The support on our project for the development of an iPad application by the Orange Business Services team has been very efficient on a human and technical scale. We were able to understand all the skills and expertise that were applied to this project. This teamwork allowed us to achieve a successful application that is adapted to our needs."

Jérôme Deschamps, IT Director, Groupe Union-Matériaux

The objective

Develop an innovative, technology-based solution to deliver enhanced customer service, increase sales productivity and reduce costs.

  • Mobile workspace tablet (iPad) application, with 3G connectivity, developed by Orange IT&Labs
  • Access to CRM and ERP databases from mobile devices
  • Mobile device management
  • Cloud capability
  • Project management

To meet the specific objectives of Groupe Union-Matériaux, Orange developed an application tailor-made for its business model and sales processes.

  • Cloud technology which supports the brand
  • Tailor-made solution based on sales’ working practices
  • Faster response to customer needs
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency
  • Accelerated ordering process
  • Better stock management
  • Sales force feedback to aid design refinements
  • Support of environmental commitments
  • Faster response to customer orders
  • Reduced paper usage and costs
  • Stronger brand image

Groupe Union-Matériaux is a leading independent specialist in the distribution of building materials

  • Based in Montpellier, France
  • 470 employees
  • 35 offices across Southeast France