Sogeprom makes its employees’ lives easier with “contactless mobile” services

Issues and challenges

When it moved its headquarters, Sogeprom wanted to put mobile technology at the heart of its digital transformation and its spaces. Sogeprom's mission is to create new living spaces, and the new headquarters will serve as a showcase for its expertise in smart buildings and sustainable construction.

With this major development, we wanted to welcome all of the existing and potential stakeholders who may be interested in this “contactless mobile” system. This new tool is an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. We are already thinking about extending it to carsharing.

Pierre Sorel, CEO, Sogeprom

The objective

Demonstrate the smart building solutions that Sogeprom provides to its customers and reduce direct and indirect operating costs.


Sogeprom chose the Orange Business Services “contactless” Pack ID solution to digitize its corporate services. The mobile application includes the following features:

  • Access control to enter the new headquarters
  • A means of payment for coffee machines and the shared company cafeteria
  • Identification for “free” secure printing, which allows employees to retrieve any printed documents from any printer by identifying themselves with their smartphones next connected printers


Operational efficiency with daily tasks
Sogeprom's employees, who all have smartphones with the mobile Pack ID app, can quickly and easily access all of the company’s in-house services. In addition, the Sogeprom teams can easily integrate new hires and set up access controls for them.

Simple, secure and flexible user journeys
Through the Pack ID back-office interface, Sogeprom can quickly add and change access on a case-by-case basis according to users’ profiles. Additionally, since the technology is compatible with badge readers, machine payment systems and vending machines from the market’s leading manufacturers and integrators, the solution provides Sogeprom with great flexibility. We worked closely on the project with the service suppliers chosen by Sogeprom: Novadis, Canon, D8 and Elior, and the badge reader manufacturers IDcapt and Aztek.

Improved brand image
By using innovation at its own location and in its own services, Sogeprom can demonstrate the operational efficiency of smart buildings.


  • Simplified access to the company’s services
  • Enhanced building security
  • Demonstrative benefits of innovation

Sogeprom is the property development subsidiary of the Société Générale Group

  • 280 employees in France
  • €915 million in turnover (Group)
  • 3,757 accommodations booked and 47,000 m2 of offices and shops in 2016
  • Relocation to their new headquarters “Ampère” at La Défense: January 2017