Olympique Lyonnais building a 100% connected stadium



In 2007, the OL Group launched a project to build a new stadium belonging to the Olympique Lyonnais (OL) team. The existing Gerland Stadium had been built in 1920, and the building was aging and could only accommodate 42,000 fans.

To mirror the French football club's success and evolution (currently in Ligue 1), the Group wanted to invest in a bigger, more modern stadium. And, as technology has evolved, the experience for the fans in the stadium needed to evolve as well.

The Group imagined and designed a stadium that could host up to 60,000 fans and would provide an improved and enriched digital and sporting experience.

"The stadium of the future was built with help from Orange Business Services. Using NFC technology, fans will be able to order sandwiches, scarves or meals without having to get out a bank card. All transactions are secure and processed quickly."

Jean-Michel Aulas, Chairman of Olympique Lyonnais

The objective

Create a "100% connected stadium" to meet fans' expectations and to prepare for EURO 2016.


To help them with this project, the OL Group chose Orange Business Services and a connectivity solution that provides access to an extensive, powerful, secure and scalable network.

  • Vehicle and pedestrian access control using NFC technology with real-time monitoring of how full the stadium is
  • Unlimited HD Wi-Fi access with 500 Wi-Fi hotspots distributed throughout the stadium
  • Access to 300 connected IPTV screens
  • Secure NFC payment at 300 connected points of sale

Enriched user experience

Using mobile applications, fans will have instant access to match statistics and will be able to replay all of the highlights. The 300 screens distributed around the stadium will provide an interactive experience.

Fully-connected stadium

With 500 Wi-Fi hotspots inside the stadium, more than 20,000 people will be able to simultaneously communicate, connect with their mobile applications, and access HD content (videos, online games, social networks, photos, etc.) on their smartphones and tablets, all with complete security.

Comfortable conditions

With NFC technology, fans will be able to order and pay online for drinks, sandwiches, t-shirts, etc. in any of the stadium's 300 connected points of sale.

  • 20,000 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections infrastructure
  • 300 connected and interactive points of sale
  • 300 connected screens


About Olympique Lyonnais

  • French football club established in 1950
  • Chairman Jean-Michel Aulas
  • Opening of the Grand Stade in January 2016 (60,000 seats)
  • Connected stadium, including 300 screens, 500 Wi-Fi hotspots and 20,000 simultaneous connections