MPSA Group boosts productivity with videoconferencing


Issues and challenges
  • Optimize how we coordinate our logistics network and, in the future, our sales network
  • Streamline discussions between internal teams and our numerous partners, including haulers
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Improve productivity
"With videoconferencing, we have reduced our travel costs by 30% to 40% and changed our management method, thus improving efficiency. As a result, we have increased productivity.."

Philippe Alazet, Head of Logistics for PSD Log, an MPSA Group company that supplies, stocks and ships tires

Interview with Philippe Alazet, Head of Logistics

How has videoconferencing changed your logistics activities?

Previously, employees working at the eight sites located around France had to come to our head office at least once a week, and most of the time, it was impossible for us to arrange to meet at the same time. Sometimes, we had to visit them. Now, we use videoconferencing at least twice a week. It allows us to have discussions with several sites at the same time - it's very easy. It means we don't have to travel so much, write long emails or make lots of phone calls. Information is relayed directly, making it easy to be understood. We save time and money.

By regularly using videoconferencing, have you discovered any uses or benefits that you hadn't anticipated?

Lots of haulers now participate in our videoconferences. Some log on via their smartphones or tablets even when they are traveling in other countries, especially in Germany - they can even talk to us from a café.

I've also noticed that videoconferencing forces people to listen to the person who is speaking. During physical meetings, we tend to talk at the same time, but in a videoconference, we have to be more disciplined.

Is it easy to use and what future uses do you envision?

Videoconferencing is very simple to use. If third parties have to participate in our videoconferences, we send them a link to download an app onto their smartphone, tablet or computer to log in. If we have any technical problems, we can contact Orange Business Services online technical support. In the future, we hope to use videoconferencing for recruitment and extend it to our sales network.

  • Faster more secure network to interconnect increasing numbers of depots
  • Time saved, despite increasing numbers of meetings with teams, clients and partners
  • Comprehensive information with no data losses
  • Online Orange Business Services technical support


MPSA is leading independent distributor of tires for private individuals and professionals

  • Over 1,000 employees working on 21 sites
  • 138 points of sale in the South East of France, 11 logistics sites and the Avatacar site for direct online sales