Chuango enhances its home security solutions

Issues and challenges

Chuango Security Technology Corporation specializes in wireless smart home technology. Its products range from do-it-yourself security and home automation to energy and health management, and all are approached with a vision of simple design and system reliability.

In its early products, end users had to choose their own mobile operator to enable connectivity. For the launch of a new, premium product, Chuango focused on being able to offer a higher specification with built-in worldwide connectivity.

"As we continue to rapidly expand our retail activities in Europe and worldwide, it has become critical for us to find and collaborate with a reliable telecommunications partner that can grow and scale with us regionally and globally."

Ken Li, Chairman & CEO, Chuango

The objective

Enable the successful launch of a premium-priced product in core markets, and accelerate growth worldwide.

  • Orange IoT SIM solution with connectivity management platform
  • Coverage of core markets – 28 European countries, the U.S. and Canada, and future markets worldwide
  • Solution expert support to help with technical testing and implementation
  • Program management

The Orange Business Services solution has enabled Chuango to offer a premium-priced product worldwide and accelerate new market penetration and sales growth.

  • Reliable, secure, seamless, global connectivity with strong SLAs
  • Improved customer experience
  • Simplified process to use the product
  • Platform for launching new services
  • Support for premium product price position
  • Deployment in line with launch schedule
  • Accurate budget planning capability
  • Future-proof scalable solution

Chuango Security Technology Corporation specializes in wireless smart home technology

  • Founded in 2001
  • Headquarters in Fuzhou, China
  • 2016 DISREE EMEA Smart Home Diamond Award