Atrya reinforced its network performance

Issues and challenges

Specializing in carpentry and renewable energy solutions, Atrya has experienced considerable growth worldwide. To contain the cost of communications in this now international company, the Atrya CIO made three important decisions:

  • To centralize the IT infrastructure at the company’s head office in Alsace to simplify processes
  • To switch to voice over IP to bring down international communications costs
  • To develop videoconferencing as an alternative to traveling between the company’s sites around Europe

Atrya had a patchwork network made up of multiple providers and so was looking for more reliability, consistent solutions worldwide and, importantly, technical support.

"Orange Business Services offered the best geographic coverage in France as well as performance and security guarantees, providing single network coverage for all our sites. For a group with international ambitions such as ours, the responsiveness and support that Orange Business Services offers are essential."

Pascal Moench, Technical Director, Atrya

The objective

Find a partner able to support the company internationally with effective, secure and competitive network solutions.


Atrya chose to deploy the Business VPN solution internationally:

  • Orange Business Services provides a single network for all sites around the world, allowing users access to all the tools and applications wherever they are
  • A high level of security is guaranteed for all data transmission between sites in France and across Europe
  • Support and follow-up for Atrya is provided by a dedicated contact during its expansion and as its requirements change


Unified and managed by Orange Business Services, the seamless network provides multiple services for its 1,780 users and ensures Atrya better visibility and increased control of those services.


Orange Business Services owns and manages its network and ensures its security. The VPN network gives Atrya fully secure access to information, guaranteeing confidential exchanges between its 21 production sites worldwide.


Atrya benefited from customized support during the rollout of the project. In addition, the group continues to have a single point of contact for advice and support on all digital transformation issues.

Reliability and responsiveness

By choosing Orange Business Services, Atrya has access to the best geographic coverage in France in terms of broadband Internet access, with the best support and responsiveness internationally.

Providing a uniform service to all sites around the world allows for more effective and responsive customer service. Similarly, the wide range of access points provides the capability for faster upgrades of speed and functionalities as Atrya’s requirements evolve.

  • Customized support
  • Effective and scalable solution
  • International coverage


Founded in 1980, the Atrya Group is the leading European carpentry supplier, providing household solutions including windows, doors and verandas

  • 1,780 employees
  • 21 production sites around Europe