AT Internet strengthens its competitiveness

Issues and challenges

With a worldwide presence, AT Internet has become a major player in the digital analytics industry. Its solutions deliver companies a full analysis of their performance and their presence on all digital platforms: web, mobile, applications and social media. To maintain its leadership, AT Internet must provide quality services in all countries in which its customers are present.

"Speeding up audit mechanisms is key to building customer loyalty. It enables us to optimize the quality of our services worldwide, regardless of the quality of the local networks, and facilitates the development of our international operations."

Thomas Fisher, Head of Data Business Unit, AT Internet

The objective

Offer audit mechanisms that do not slow the user browsing experience on its customer websites worldwide and regardless of the quality of local connections.


Audit mechanisms are based on an exchange between the end user of a website and AT Internet’s systems. In a well-served country, the end user doesn’t notice this process. In countries with lower-quality connections, the process may cause a slow down in browsing speed. In order to offer its customers optimal service worldwide, AT Internet first tested the cloud in order to move its systems closer to the end user and thereby reduce latency in poorly-served countries. As this solution proved insufficient, it was replaced by Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator Secure (DSA) service. Distributed in France by Orange Business Services, it enables:

  • Optimization of page content by intelligent analysis of the website
  • Improvement of real-time conditions and the browsing environment of the terminal
  • Limiting of HTTP requests and load volume
  • Image compression rate variability based on real-time status and web traffic for faster page loading and resolution of network overload problems
  • In poor-service areas, where delays caused by audit mechanisms were unacceptable, AT Internet went below a second, thanks to the operation of the Akamai servers
  • Faster audit processes provide a competitive advantage for AT Internet
  • Thanks to the Akamai platform’s global presence, AT Internet can confidently consider growth of its operations without having to make additional investments
  • AT Internet benefited from dual support: Akamai guided and supported the company in configuring its services, while Orange Business Services smoothed the process and ensured follow-up of the solution with tailored support provided by a single point of contact who managed the company’s issues
  • Significant reduction in latency in badly-served countries
  • Rapid installation (less than four months)
  • Growth prospects
  • Tailored solution integrated with the existing solution


With a worldwide presence, AT Internet has become a major player in the digital analytics industry.

  • Headquarters in the Netherlands
  • Dealer network covering 20 countries worldwide