Orange Cyberdefense named an “Innovator” in the Avasant Cybersecurity Services RadarView 2020

Date: March 2020

The Avasant Cybersecurity Services RadarView 2020 covers the comprehensive cybersecurity services market, including services around cloud, application, network and information security aspects. It also explores the impact of digital technologies, such as hybrid and public cloud adoption and large scale IoT implementations, on the enterprise security perimeter. It helps guide enterprises around engaging with service providers and scouting for the right cybersecurity platform.

Avasant Cybersecurity Services RadarView 2020

According to Avasant, “Innovators” show a penchant for reinventing concepts and avenues, changing the very nature of how things are done from the ground up. Unlike the Leaders, Innovators have chosen to dominate in a few select areas or industries and distinguish themselves on the basis of superior innovation. These radicals are always hungry to create pioneering advancements in the industry and are actively sought after as trailblazers redefining the rules of the game.

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