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Turnkey telephony

Reduce costs, streamline telephony network architecture, and provide its scalability with our full range of services, from local telephone numbers to a managed corporate telephony network.

Providing a balance between the communication needs of every employee and cost control is one of the key challenges when arranging internal corporate telephony. This challenge becomes even more complicated, if you look for a solution for multiple offices, and want to take into account future company growth.

Isolated solutions in company offices across the globe are difficult to expand and upgrade. With no standardized architecture it becomes difficult to implement unified communications and other services for the company staff.


Orange telephony

We offer holistic solutions for corporate telephony arrangements, from solution design to support of your corporate telephony based on Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft technologies.

In addition to your internal corporate telephony network, we offer access to public telephone lines and provide local, long-distance, and international communications services with the provision of telephone numbers (local or Free Phone 8-800).

Our solution will help to save on phone calls between company offices, use a single number plan for all offices, create standardized architecture ready to switch over to unified communications and streamline provider management. By passing the control over your corporate telephony to us you will free your IT resources to support your core business.


Our corporate telephony services include:

  • corporate telephony arrangements with a single number plan and favorable rates for calls between regional offices
  • design, implementation, and management solution services based on Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft technologies
  • access to local, intra-areal, long-distance, and international communication services, local telephone numbers and free access phones (8-800)
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