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At Orange Business Services, we present a clear-cut strategy to help you better address your business needs. We believe that the 8 technologies spotlighted below are key to successful business communications...

We offer a wide range of communications technology and services, and we do it just about everywhere around the world. But our vision remains simple, guiding all aspects of our work and describing what we need to do to make your business more competitive.

We at Orange Business Services never forget that technology is for people. We help you collaborate effectively, develop your company and strengthen your customer relationships. Whether it is by making sure that your data and infrastructure are secure, facilitating the adoption of cloud-computing services, or assisting you in making the most out of very high-speed broadband networks and videoconference solutions, we are here to help your company achieve its goals.



very high-speed broadband networks

Things move quickly in the business world, and so should your Internet connection. Orange Business Services continues to invest in fixed (fiber optic) and mobile (3G/3G+) networks to bring you the very best connectivity without sacrificing security.

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in short, our people’s focus is to support your people.










Working together is so much easier (and pleasant!) when it’s face-to-face. That’s why Orange Business Services makes videoconferencing as simple as calling someone on the phone. Our conferencing services work with a range of video equipment from the leading vendors across all networks.

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customer service solutions

We help you boost your customer service and experience with customer management, managed services and contact center solutions.

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machine to machine

We’re leading the machine to machine (M2M) revolution. M2M services enable machines, devices and objects to communicate in real time without human intervention. Let this available technology free up your time and resources!

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workspaces of the future

We have a clear view of where technology is taking workspaces. They will increasingly benefit from collaborative technology and unified communications solutions. Whether your company is big or small, workspaces of the future help your people find and communicate with the right person the first time—anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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cloud computing

Looking to benefit from advanced IT services without extensive capital investment, onsite experts or ongoing operational headaches? Our cloud computing services make that possible. They’re delivered to you as on-demand services over a “cloud-ready” network.

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security services

We have over 400 people dedicated to IT security services. That’s 400 people working to protect your business. We're boosting our security offer in three key areas: infrastructures, security consulting and business applications.

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