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Smart IVR

Efficient automated processing of the calls

Orange Business Services

Smart IVR system is a holistic solution providing arrangements for inexpensive and efficient automated processing of the calls from your clients and partners. With IVR you will improve interactions with your clients and optimize operations in your contact center.








You define you call processing scenario. That done, the IVR system would be capable:

  • to qualify a call (i.e. to understand what you client wants)
  • to answer automatically to the standard FAQs using its automated voice announcers
  • to distribute the calls to different contact centers and operators



You will optimize costs for your contact center services: up to 100% of the inbound and outbound calls can be processed automatically with no operator participation.



We are here to provide software updates, application programming, timely expansion and hardware upgrades and also 24/7 support. No need for any extra equipment and solution maintenance.



The benefits of your smart IVR system are:

  • answers to standard inbound calls without operator of the contact center including:

     — auto announcements, message playbacks

     — call qualification with the voice menu

     — call processing by scenarios of any complexity using external sources (smart answers)

  • outbound calls by set scenarios (e.g. auto announcement on credit payment, information about marketing campaign etc.)
  • integrations with multiple contact centers including Orange contact center
  • no lost clients: you will receive information on the missed calls by email and SMS message




holistic managed turn-key solution

We will provide you with the technical means and arrange all the necessary activities.

With our solution you will need no further investments in a highly-qualified staff, no further purchases of the expensive hardware and software. You pay only for what you use in our service, i.e. for the processed traffic.


reduced costs

  • optimization of the contact center operator activities based on the initial call processing and qualification
  • integration with the corporate voice networks including multiregional ones with the calls bypassing public telephone networks
  • you pay only for the actual service usage


user-friendly service

  • our online support is available and ready to help 24/7
  • we are the single contact point to settle all the issues on connections, maintenance and billing




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