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Satellite Access

Integrate even the most distant offices

Orange Business Services

We offer satellite channels that allow you to integrate even the most distant facilities and offices of your company in a single network. Your employees will be able to conduct high-quality communications and even videoconferences. 

This service is provided on the basis of 11 hubs and 5 teleports with Russia-wide satellite coverage.


all offices on the same network

Our service that offers satellite channels allows you to integrate all your facilities and offices in a single network.


Russia-wide and beyond

We offer satellite access services not only in Russia but also worldwide.


Infrastructure as a Service

You can use our service according to the OPEX model – without capital expenditures for the purchase of equipment.



You can use a shared channel for a group of satellite stations as needed, and you will pay only for traffic. This approach is especially useful when you backup terrestrial channels or conduct seasonal activities.


full support

We install all the necessary equipment for you, conduct proactive monitoring and ensure the health of your network 24/7.


advantages of the operator-integrator

After creating a satellite channel, you will not have to change your operator in order to access telecommunication services – Internet, VPN, telephony, cloud technologies, collaboration tools, etc.


mobile and fixed access

You can create a stationary satellite station or a mobile communications center that is equipped with an antenna and automatically locks on to the satellite signal (without operator intervention).



integrate all of your offices within a single network

Our satellite channel will allow you to integrate all of your facilities and offices within a single network.


ensure availability of your critical business applications

Our service related to the optimization of communication channels will help you improve the performance of networked applications and optimize traffic with the help of modern technologies for caching, compression and acceleration using hardware from Riverbed.


choose the best hardware to ensure the superior quality of communication

We use only the most reliable equipment (including iDirect), which you can buy or rent from us. In addition, we are a global partner of Riverbed. This vendor provides equipment for optimizing communication channels. Our traffic optimization service will allow you to increase data transmission rates for critical business applications up to 4.5 times.


use our technical support

We provide proactive monitoring in order to mitigate the impact of possible failures on your business. Our technical specialists are always ready to help. If a failure is detected at a ground station, our engineers carry out on-site repair or replacement of equipment.



integration of all offices within a single network

As an operator-integrator, we will help you create a single corporate network by connecting your facilities and offices using satellite and ground communication channels. You will be able to use the entire spectrum of telecommunications solutions from a single provider.


reliable equipment

For many years, we have worked with reliable equipment from market leaders including our official vendors, iDirect and Riverbed.



You can use satellite communications according to the OPEX model – without capital expenditures. You pay only for actually consumed traffic.


technical support

We offer round the clock technical support. Our engineers are ready to repair or replace your equipment on site.



cost-effective solution

Depending on your needs, the satellite access service may be charged according to traffic. In addition, you can rent equipment from us in order to get rid of major expenditures.


global coverage

We provide satellite coverage not only in Russia but also worldwide.


high reliability

You can really trust our satellite access service, because it is based on reliable infrastructure of a single operator with vast experience in the field of telecommunications. 



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