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Upgraded its dealing room with an Orange solution

We completed a large project providing turn-key dealing room equipment for 40 working stations in the new headquarters of Rosbank, a subsidiary of the international financial group Societe Generale. One of the main solution components is its Open Trade dedicated telephony platform developed to improve trader productivity.

With the latest equipment in the dealing room, we managed to improve trading efficiency dramatically, and installation of the Open Trade platform proved to be a milestone event not only for us but also for the entire Societe Generale Group to which Rosbank belongs. Our experience will be used in the other banks and countries in which the Group has a presence.
Olga Skorobogatova, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rosbank

issues and challenges

The newly opening dealing room needed the most state-of-the-art technologies optimized for efficient financial transactions. The dealing room technical upgrading challenge involved not only designing a internal network layout and workstations for traders, but also installing dedicated telephony equipment instead of decommission the outdated Wayats system as well.



our solution

Open Trade is a solution for traders. The Open Trade communications terminal uniquely combines a user-friendly touch screen experience, hot buttons and two specially designed handsets. Based on SIP technology, the Open Trade terminal integrates voice communications, video, email, instant messaging and web applications to access exchange systems, unifying all the tools a trader needs in a single device. Convenient access to advanced features of the terminal supports up to 30 conversations in parallel with other operations, providing deals in the blink of an eye.




The cooperation between Orange Business Services and Rosbank helped to equip a cutting edge dealing room for 40 traders. The total cost of the project including equipment, installation and maintenance exceeds $1 million.


  • Voice and telephony

The largest subsidiary of the international financial group Societe Generale outside France. It's in the Top 10 leading Russian bank and in the Top 3 Russian retail banks. Provides services for more than 3 million private and 73 thousand corporate clients.

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