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Solutions from Orange Business Services and SITA demonstrated their effeciency in Sochi

May 29, 2014, Sochi, Moscow

During Olympic Winter Games the partner companies ensured continuity of air carriers’ operation at Sochi airport

IT solutions and services from the international service provider Orange Business Services and SITA, provider of IT solutions for air transportation industry, demonstrated their high efficiency in the course of preparation for and during the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

SITA and Orange Business Services have jointly enabled triple redundancy of communication channels at Sochi International Airport in order to deliver reliable passenger services, particularly during the times of heightened passenger traffic and possible emergencies.

Introduction of SITA AirportConnect Open service platform for passenger registration systems expanded the airport’s capability for handling passenger traffic. The platform supports applications for self check-in and baggage processing, as well as SITA CUTE system that allows various airlines to use their own systems for checking in and servicing passengers on the same set of equipment at counters, gates and other workstations at the airport.

Other project deliverables included double automatic backup of communication channels used by the air carriers flying to Sochi, including Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, Yakutia, Siberia (S7 brand), Tatarstan, Transaero, Turkish Airlines, Uzbekistan Airlines, and Ukraine International Airlines. There was also provided a third communication channel shared by all airlines that could be automated manually directly at the airport.

Vladimir Bondarenko, Head Representative, SITA Russia and the CIS, commented: “Six months before the Olympics in Sochi SITA undertook a number of measures to ensure sufficient reliability of all airline passenger systems. In addition to checking the equipment, it was necessary to provide extremely reliable access to hosts of the registration system. In Russia and in most countries of the world, we use channels provided by our global partner – Orange Business Services”.

Vladimir VALKOVICH, Head of Technical Development, Orange Business Services in Russia and the CIS, added: “The Olympics became an additional catalyst of development for us and our colleagues. We have seen one more proof that the business continuity concept promoted by Orange Business Services is valid. The concept allows us to raise the level of readiness and redundancy not in a mad rush, but in accordance with existing plans and procedures”.

As part of the Sochi project, two weeks prior to the opening of the Olympics both companies have taken other preventive measures. In order to ensure continuous operation of airlines and uninterrupted checking-in of passengers there were formed groups of SITA and Orange professionals to deliver round-the-clock service. Furthermore, to provide instant troubleshooting there was launched a special check-in service monitoring system that performed real-time tracking of all deviations from standard process operation. In order to ensure access to Orange Business Services there was created an additional supporting node. To guarantee continuous interaction with customers, the key personnel were provided with access to mobile satellite communication systems.

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