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Orange updates DDoS-protection service

October 01, 2014, Moscow, Russia

Orange Business Services has updated its service for protection against DDoS attacks through the help of Arbor Peakflow TMS equipment. This will result in higher levels of clients’ networks protection and ensure protection against both well-known and new types of DDoS- attacks. Orange is a global communications service provider, and network security is a key component of all our services. The Arbor Peakflow TMS solution chosen by us represents a system for monitoring and filtering traffic. The operating principle of the solution is based on continuous traffic control, and, where necessary, its redirection to a traffic clearing system for the filtration of undesirable traffic.

Orange kept in mind several criteria while choosing the platform. First of all, Arbor Peakflow TMS introduces a scalable solution for preventing DDoS-attacks. Secondly, this solution is capable of protecting against traditional and emerging types of attacks at all levels. With the new Arbor Peakflow TMS solution Orange will provide its clients with a more advanced and integrated DDoS-protection service, capable of ensuring a whole new level of security. The project is implemented with the assistance of NType.

Passing of all these network security functions over to the communications provider ensures high reliability of the service and helps reduce information security costs. Highly skilled Orange professionals provide service support 24x7.

“The number of DDoS attacks in the world has increased recently. We are constantly conducting research on what our clients would like to receive and try to take it into account in the Orange development strategy,” commented Johan Balijon, Head of Global Solutions and Services at Orange Business Services. “We are working on our network security direction. This year we have strengthened our position of the leading global player in the field of information protection by buying Atheos company, one of the main figures in the information security business.”

“Arbor Networks has been successfully working with the majority of large global communications providers for a long time,” points out ARBOR Sales Manager Mikhail Rodionov. “In Russia our clients are also represented by major communications providers which care about customer networks security.”


About Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks is one of the leading global providers of security solutions for networks providers and major corporations. Arbor Networks solutions help monitor computer networks and effectively discover abnormalities and DDoS-attacks. Capabilities for suppressing distributed attacks, high productivity and scalability of solutions regardless of the type and manufacturer of networking equipment for broadband networks are the key advantages of Arbor Networks solutions.


About NType

NType is a high-tech system integrator that has both experience and acknowledged expertise in the field of construction of communication networks, data transmission networks, as well as network infrastructures and information security systems, which are optimized and adjusted to the Russian market.

NType has been operating in the market for several years, helping its customers create, modernize and service various systems, from small- and mid- sized businesses to major national enterprises.

In order to ensure an overall product lifecycle, NType provides quality pre-project research of a client’s needs, supplies equipment and integrates it into the existing infrastructure, conducts training and supports the developed solution 24х7х365.


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